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The 10 Sexiest Food Scenes in Film
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We’ll Have what they’re Having! The 10 Sexiest Food Scenes in Film

Some movie food scenes are pure sweetness, such as the unforgettable spaghetti dinner from Disney’s Lady & The Tramp. Some are hilarious like American Pie’s NSFW solo moment with a warm apple tart, and some are terrifying, like pretty much the whole plot behind Silence of the Lambs. But today we’ll turn the heat on and give the spotlight to the steamy and the spicy: the following are ten of the sexiest food scenes in film…

10. Pulp Fiction (1994) – The $5 Milkshake Flirt

There is some heavy flirting going on between John Travolta’s lovable gangster and Uma Thurman’s foxy mafia wife. You can drink from my straw, she offers, and soon after, her eyes are fixed on him while she enjoy’s the delicious yet overpriced milkshake’s cherry very, very slowly.


9. Sex and the City (2008) – Sushi Samantha

Perhaps things didn’t go as planned for Samantha but her logic was sound: a) look fabulous, b) undress, c) cover yourself in sushi and wait for your lover to arrive. We’d be angry too, Sam, but no one can deny that you were looking seriously hot.


8. Chef (2014) – Food Seduction

Find someone that looks at you the way Scarlett Johansson looks at Jon Favreau in this food lovers’ film. While the scene itself  is more into the cooking, by the time that tasty looking pasta dish gets to her hands she has been officially seduced.


7. The Matrix Reloaded – Orgasm Cake

In this dark sci-fi trilogy, there are actually plenty of memorable food moments, from the porridge that sustains the crew, a steak that almost justifies Cypher’s betrayal and the Oracle’s cookies. But probably the only one that we can call sexy is the scene where the Merovingian gives his speech, elegantly articulated with a strong French accent where we get to see the effects of a very special dessert he “created”, which seems to cause a very intense reaction on the woman who ordered it.


6. Fifty Shades of Grey – Staying in for Breakfast

Anastasia and Mr. Grey share drinks, coffee, wine and a lot more over the course of this saucy film. It was hard to choose a scene… Anastasia’s relaxed pancake making moment was grand, and so was the sexual tension-packed business meeting, but finally the “ice scene” took the prize. While ice had never been so hot, the video below is from the breakfast scene, if you watch the ice scene later, you’ll understand why.


5. Varsity Blues (1999) – Whipped Cream Bikini 

Some movies create images that transcend the film and jump into pop culture immortality.  This late nineties mediocre teenage movie might not be very memorable, but Ali Larter’s “Ice Cream Sunday” a.k.a. whipped cream bikini, is the world’s most famous edible underwear.  This is probably one of the most parodied sexiest food scenes, for example in Not Another Teen Movie (this time the guy preparing a “banana split“).


4. Flashdance (1983) – The Lobster Scene

Jennifer Beals is enjoying that lobster a little bit too much and Michael Nouri is just loving it, and as the conversation gets more personal, things get busier under the table as her foot goes for it. She might say that the lobster “sucks”, but with those expressions, we don’t buy it.


3. When Harry Met Sally – Faking it at the Deli

After an slightly hostile exchange, the topic of fake orgasms comes to the table -literally- as they both share one -table, that is- at Katz’s Delicatessen. To prove Larry how easy it is for a woman to convincingly put a show, she decides to offer a demonstration, right there in front of the astonished staff and customers. That sandwich she was having was probably the best selling dish of the month…


2. 9 1/2 Weeks (1986) – Berry Sexy

An unrivaled sexy classic that shall always be remembered for the scene where Mickey Rourke seduces Kim Bassinger with a very liberal use of berries, honey and several other flavours while she sits -eyes closed- and enjoys the function. Surely one of the sexiest food scenes of all times.


1. Magic Mike XXL (2015) – I Want it that Way

You wouldn’t expect a middle-o-nowhere convenience shop packed with Cheetos and Pepsi to be the stage for something this hot. But that’s the magic in Magic Mike XXL, a movie about friendship, romance and… who are we kidding, a movie about male strippers being awesome. From all the funny and sexy scenes in the film, this one gets our love thanks to being both hilarious and super steamy.



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