Taste at Rustic

Taste at Rustic, Dublin 2

Taste at Rustic is chef Dylan McGrath’s latest restaurant in the heart of Dublin City. Set above sister restaurant Rustic Stone on South Great George’s St, Taste at Rustic is a new food experience that explores the idea of flavour, and tastes, while being influenced by Japan, Spain and South America.

Not only the flavours from these regions are used, but also some the cooking techniques that use immediate, quick heat that impacts on the release of flavour.

Choose from a tantalising selection of sashimi, sushi, robata grilled meats and fish, steaming pots of richly flavoured stock, warm bites, appetisers and unique Asian inspired desserts.


Taste at Rustic,
17 South Great George’s St,
Dublin 2

T:  (0)1 526 7701
W: www.tasteatrustic.com
E: info@tasteatrustic.com

TasteAtRustic TasteAtRustic TasteAtRustic

Taste at Rustic

“Dining in Taste at Rustic is so much more than mere eating; it is an experience for all the senses which leaves a lasting impression.”

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Review of the Early Taste at Rustic Menu

“Even more astonishing is the price of this heady experience. The Early Taste menu is not a compromised version of Dylan’s vision, but a generous showcase of his dishes.”

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Taste at Rustic

Taste at Rustic has a impressive selection of menus for you to choose from. Within each menu you will find every dish is labelled with one of five tastes: Sweet, Salt, Bitter, Umami, and Sour. Mix and mingle dishes to experience them in a subtle way and understand the difference between flavour and taste.


At Taste at Rustic the dedicated bar staff have worked closely with Dylan to design two lists of Japanese inspired cocktails. One cocktail list has been meticulously designed for before and during your meal. The second is a list of outstanding dessert cocktails has been created exclusively for afters.

Champagne and Sake are highly recommended to accompany the food in Taste at Rustic. The drinks menu includes lists of both, offering some of the best in the world, that have been carefully sourced, competitively priced and above all work flawlessly with the food served.

To view the Drinks Menu click HERE.


– Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 17.00-22.30

– Friday & Saturday: 17.00-23.00


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