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Pets Allowed in Restaurants in Ireland, as FSAI Repeals Ban
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Bring Your Own Dog! Pets are Now Allowed in Restaurants and Tails are Wagging

This has been a good season for food and drink enthusiasts that also love their pets: first, the news of a cat lounge opening had feline friends purring; then, Aldi launched a “wine” called Pawsecco and a dog friendly beer that your barking and meowing pals can enjoy safely and now, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has announced that the rules banning domestic animals from food premises have been repealed.

As stated on the FSAI’s page, “domestic animals can be permitted in food premises, at the food business operator’s discretion.” They are still prohibited in areas of the food premises where food is prepared, handled or store, including kitchens and supermarkets.

“Where access is granted, however, the food business operator must be able to demonstrate that such access will not pose an undue risk of contamination of foodstuffs”, the FSAI points out in its communicate.

While pets are now welcome at the discretion of the premises’ owner, guide dogs and assistance dogs are still an exception and should be permitted.

Access the dining areas of restaurants and bars is now permitted is the food business operator allows it, as long as the areas are monitored, effort is taken to ensure that food cannot be contaminated, pets are kept under the control of their humans, and proper procedures are in place to deal with any contamination of the premises.

Want to share a meal with barky? Check out the most dog friendly restaurants and bars in Dublin.

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