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She’s the Bombe – Kerry Diamond

Kerry Diamond is a woman on a mission, and that mission is? To celebrate women in food the world over. Coming from a career in the world of beauty, fashion, and women’s magazines, the culture of food and restaurants came as quite a shock to Kerry, when some years ago she embarked on a new career as a restaurant owner with her then boyfriend. As Kerry explains to me over (delicious) seafood tapas in Benburb Street’s Fish Shop, “I was surprised about how bro-y and male-dominated the industry was at that time. I was craving community and also wanted to tell the stories of all the incredible women out there”. Coming from a magazine background, the next step seemed like a natural progression and Cherry Bombe was born.

Cherry Bombe is a bi-annual magazine which aims to celebrate women and food through their print magazine, the Radio Cherry Bombe podcast, and the yearly Jubilee conferences. Each issue is packed with features, profiles, recipes, photos, and artwork from some of the most talented writers, chefs, food stylists, photographers, and illustrators around. The magazine is all about sharing the stories of everyone involved in the food business from industry icons (Nigella recently graced the cover) to notable newcomers, encouraging creativity in the kitchen, and bringing the Bombesquad (Cherry Bombe readers) together whenever possible.

Kerry’s recent trip to Ireland was her first, and an eye opening visit for the Brooklyn native. “I loved meeting some of the women in the Dublin food scene and getting to check out their places. Like Caryna at Camino Bakery and Marian at The Pepper Pot Cafe. I didn’t get to meet Jumoke from Fish Shop, but we had a great meal there” she exclaims. “I was here with Kerrygold, so I loved getting to see the countryside and some of their family farms. Those cows get to enjoy some of the best scenery in the world”.

Cherry Bombe - Kerry Diamond

Speaking of women in food, who do you most admire in the food industry I asked? “I could never pick just one, but I met Darina Allen for the first time during our tour. I was completely blown away by her and what she has built at Ballymaloe. She’s been through a lot, yet she’s remains such a force. It’s inspiring to see someone so dedicated to food, farming, cooking, and the healing power and humanity behind those things. Ballymaloe is a magical place and we have nothing like it in America” she tells me. As big fans of Darina and all things Ballmaloe, it’s hard to argue with the sentiment.

So what’s next for Cherry Bombe, apart from world domination?  “Oh, we have a lot in the works with Radio Cherry Bombe. It’s amazing how our podcast keeps growing and we have a lot of international listeners. We’re also working on a Cherry Bombe Cafe. It’s several years away, but it would be lovely to have a place that brings the Cherry Bombe universe to life under one roof. We’d have a lot of guest chefs, makers, and bakers so stay tuned.

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