Tickled Pink by this Cracking Café in Rathmines – Pot Bellied Pig Café Review

Pot Bellied Pig Cafe Rathmines

In the heart of Rathmines there’s a little café that will make yours skip a beat. Pot Bellied Pig opened in March in and instantly was a swoonworthy addition to our Instagram feeds as happy food and coffee lovers posted their flattys and pancake stacks with picture perfect backdrops.

The ambience of Pot Bellied Pot lives in the detail and each component accentuates another, creating a cohesive and stylish composition of colours and shapes.

Pot Bellied Pig Cafe Rathmines

You’ll instantly be crushing over the millennial pink booth seating, cerise coloured stools and a hot pink stairs that leads to the outdoor terrace, and your eyes will be drawn to the unique installation hanging from the ceiling featuring cardboard tubes lined in various peachy hues studded with filament bulbs.

Elsewhere geometric black and white prints dominate, splashed across table tops, floors, chairs and the entire shop front, home to a one-table seating area, which might tempt those who usually ‘grab and go’ to take a breather.

Pot Bellied Pig Cafe Rathmines

The focal point of the cafe is the glass and wood food counter with a selection of pastries, Wall and Keogh teas and Cloud Picker coffee.  A nod to their meaty moniker the tiled splash back behind the barista station featuring drawing of a boar’s head.

Fabulous interiors does not a great café make however, but luckily this new Rathmines addition is not all about the aesthetics and has food and coffee offering that’s far from shallow.

We grabbed the table and started with my version of the happy meal: coffee. Pot Bellied Pig serves Cloud Picker, which is roasted locally in Dublin. As I ordered a flat white and an Americano, we were offered Colours V14 Seasonal Espresso. This blend from Guatemala mixes beans from various small Huehuetenango-based farms. Fully washed, the coffee boasted notes of apricots and hazelnuts.

My flat white was quite piquant, with a distinctive flavour. The fruity acidity was more noticeable in the Americano – a bit true too strong for me but much preferred by my fellow punter. In my mind, the sweetness of milk toned down that vibrant zestiness, creating a nice morning cup of Joe to prep us for a busy day.

Pot Bellied Pig Cafe Rathmines

After finishing our coffees, we looked through the menu. Originally tempted by Smashed Avocado with Poached Eggs and Cress Pureé (€9.50), I went with the PBP Eggs Benedict on Toasted Bun (€11). Poached eggs rested on a generous bed of pulled ham and peppery watercress. Everything was coated in a hollandaise sauce, with a handful of fresh pea shoots on the top. The whole dish was surprisingly light yet filling, a great choice for a Sunday breakfast.

Pot Bellied Pig Cafe Rathmines

My companion chose to go the Whole Hog, literally. Although Pot Bellied Pig’s take on the classic Irish breakfast (€13) didn’t include hash browns, there was nothing stopping W from wiping his plate clean. Both bacon and sausage were juicy, and didn’t suffer from the shoe rubber syndrome that offer affects these breakfast favourites when overcooked. The sweet buttery beans were especially lovely, going well with the light saltiness of the meats and mushrooms.

Pot Bellied Pig is delightfully fresh in design, with great visual vibrancy captured in a tiny space. The cafe is all about simple food done right. Plus, it is pet-friendly. This good-looking spot with a tasty menu is definitely on my list to revisit.

Pot Bellied Pig,
15 Rathmines Road Upper,
Dublin 6

W: www.potbelliedpig.ieg
E: hello@potbelliedpig.ie


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