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New Year, New You by Nick Munier

So we’ve toasted to good health, exceeded our calorific content by about 150%, excessed in all the pleasantries known to man – including enough “grape” filled glasses to fulfil our obligatory 5 a day for a lifetime & necked cocktails like they were from Club Tropicana “Drinks are free” !!!! Ah the festive season is well and truly…..OVER!!! So how does one go about embracing the new year, new you approach which is almost enforced upon us before the chimes of big ben have even resonated or before Miriam et al on RTE have sang the last bars of Auld Lang Syne…

Well, the quest to shed the excess “bulk” thankfully does not always entail a visit to a weekly group weigh in session where “dust” and a side of water are the only “sin free foods” on offer! As a lover of food and a restauranteur – I always find it perplexing how restaurants are deemed “no go areas” by punters during their “January hiatus / Post Christmas retreat”! In fact, your friendly neighbourhood restaurant could in fact be the ideal place to act as a foil for the new year, new you healthy lifestyle change! Now, for the boring science part…….its all about simplifying your food choices & embracing your inner Stone age man! Its time to go protein folks! As a man with proud french blood running through my veins, I could be forgiven for wanting to over indulge in a crusty banquette or pain au chocolate (I really want one now after that visual!) – however, my trustee carb “loves” are banished for the next few weeks in favour of a cleaner / fresher approach to eating…

The breakfast of champions in my eyes is a 3 egg omelette (serve with a side salad and you are onto a winner as a lunch variation too!), Snacks are almonds, olives & pickled onions & dinner is grilled chicken, tuna tartare with avocado, grilled steak & broccoli – all delicious and packed with good fats & low carb………a sure fire way of ensuring you kick start your 2015 in a healthier & progressive direction! For too long, food deemed “low fat” or “healthy” were generally bland, lacking in flavour & disgusting! Thankfully we are in an age now where fresh produce is plentiful & utilised to its maximum to ensure “clean living” can be flavoursome, nutritious and dare I say downright delicious!

In fact, such is my passion & drive for clean flavoursome eating that I plan to incorporate a vast offering of high protein, lean in fat (but high in food porn sex appeal!!!!) meals on my menus in my new venture Avenue this year (but enough about my new baby…….I’ll save that for another time!)

So folks, Gone are the days of cardboard flavoured macrobiotic food, bin the leaflets requesting your presence at the weekly weigh in’s & just embrace flavour – ditch the “bad” carbs & ask your restaurateur for advice on high protein / healthier options (which thankfully have moved on a long way from the rabbit food that was advised for years!) No time like the present to make positive changes to your day to day eating plan…….but on the very off chance you have any leftover Selection Boxes going astray – lets not be hasty! Wolf them back now & start that clean living tomorrow!



New Year, New You by Nick Munier |


photoNick Munier is a much loved Restauranteur, Artist and TV personality – having worked on RTE’s Masterchef Ireland and ITV’s Hells Kitchen. Nick has worked with many of the most respected and esteemed chefs in the world along with working in some of Britain and Irelands most high profile establishments. He is passionate about food and writing, having written his own account of over 20 years experience at front of house in his book “Boiling Point: Adventures in the restaurant Game” & is proud to be a monthly contributor on

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