Swipe Right to Find the Perfect Date… Spot – This New App is Like Tinder for Restaurants

Feed Me Tinder for Restaurants

The dating scene has changed drastically since the advent of Tinder, for better of for worse those looking for eh, love, can actively seek out potential partners without even leaving the couch.

Now searching for the perfect restaurant is about to get the Tinder treatment thanks to a new app, Feed Me, that uses the same swiping approach as the dating app.

Similar to the original, the Montreal-based app presents restaurant options near to their current location and users have to swipe left to reject, or right to accept.

Pictures that pop up for each restaurant are chosen from Yelp and hungry users can tap to see more pictures, details and reviews.

Users can also select different filters, showing only restaurants of a specific cuisine for example

Speaking to Eater, the app’s creator, journalist turned entrepreneur, Amie Watson said:

“There wasn’t an easy way to find restaurants nearby, and by easy I mean fun and simple, not so time consuming. I understand people like you and me, we like searching for restaurants and the… hunt a lot of the time. But maybe other people want it to be a shorter and sweeter experience.”

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