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Mango Prawn Curry Recipe from Monsoon Indian Restaurant in Stillorgan

The is delighted to share this delightful Mango Prawn Curry recipe from Chef Alok’s kitchen at Monsoon Indian Restaurant in Stillorgan.

“Our Mango Prawn Curry is a long-established dish from Kerala” says Chef Alok, “it has the delicious flavour of ripe mangos and prawns cooked in creamy coconut Velouté – the mangoes are the highlight of this dish as they add such a distinctive and tangy flavour to it”.

“This recipe is packed full of nostalgia for many of our customers” adds Chef Raju, who grew up having this curry every summer. Another of Monsoon’s team members, Monish also says it reminds him and his customers of Indian summer holidays: “It’s no longer summer in Ireland” Monish says, “but mangoes are so readily available here, that this dish will add a little sunshine to your day, no matter what the time of year”.

“This prawn mango curry is one of the quintessential recipes from Kerala” Chef Raju adds, “most of our traditional curries are well known for their complexity, but this tasty curry is made in less than 20 minutes and all in one pan, so it’s the ideal recipe for you to try at home”.

Recipe: Serves 4


16-20 Dublin bay prawns (cleaned and deveined)
300ml- Fresh coconut milk
2 Ready to eat mango pulp
1stalk- Curry leaves
1pinch- Fenugreek seeds
1pinch- Mustard seeds
10grams – Chilli Powder
3 Whole red chilis
15grams- Coriander Powder
20grams- Raw mango powder
15ml- Coconut oil
Salt to taste


Heat coconut oil in a pan, add dry red chilies to it, simultaneously add fenugreek and mustard seeds to the hot oil and let them crackle. You will smell a lovely but spicy aroma at this stage. When crackling quiets down, add curry leaves followed by coriander and chili powder, let them cook for a second or two.

Now it’s time to add the show stopper of this recipe ‘Mangoes’. Add the mango pulp to the above spice mix, and shortly thereafter add fresh coconut milk, stirring while the sauce comes to boil. Add seasoning as per taste and simmer for 5mins with lid closed.

Open the lid and add prawns to this sauce and cook until prawns get cooked. Our delicious Mango prawn curry is ready to eat; it’s time to impress your friends and family.

Monsoon Dublin continues to lead the way in Indian cuisine in Ireland. Based in Stillorgan, the 32-seater, family-run restaurant has been established for almost 25 years and is located adjacent to Stillorgan Shopping Centre. The restaurant undertook a full refurbishment last year and recruited talented native chefs to help bring its authentic Indian cuisine to Dublin.

Due to level three Covid-19 restrictions, Monsoon is open for takeaway only with delivery starting from 5pm, Monday to Sunday. For more information visit

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