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Laid-Back and Casual Charm - Fia Review
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Laid-Back and Casual Charm – Fia Cafe Review

Fia opened its doors this past March in Rathgar, Dublin 6. Slightly off the beaten tracks of Rathmines, this dainty cafe is a charming little spot focusing on tasty locally sourced food and coffee. Having stumbled upon it before, I decided to drop by for a quick breakfast.

Neatly nested in 155b Rathgar Road, Fia’s ambience is very laid-back and casual. No rush, no hustle. It’s your space to relax, catch up with friends over a cup of Joe and chocolate buns. The cafe’s minimalist style is on point. Two rows of wooden tables fill the space.

The room basks in the natural light, with a few copper lamps dotted across the ceiling to beat the winter blues. The Jill Deering prints of the cow and stag neatly hang on the opposite walls. There is no unnecessary clutter of knick-knacks and trinkets to drive your attention away from the plate in front of you. You eat with your eyes and mouth, no distractions.

Accompanied by two other foodies, I grabbed a table outside the cafe. The weather was glorious so we simply had to take advantage of the sunshine. We settled in and started with coffee. With Roasted Brown beans in the cup, my morning fix of caffeine was tasty, though; the flavour seemed a bit tangier than I was used to. The coffee was velvety and creamy, completed with a beautiful heart – a good way to start a day.

Laid-Back and Casual Charm - Fia Review

While my partners in crime were browsing through cakes at the counter, I had a look at the menu. Packed with some delish options, there were a few good treats to choose from. I ended up with a Le Levain Sourdough Toast with Country Butter and Raspberry and Rhubarb Compote.

You could say my breakfast came down to the bread and butter of the morning meal, literally. Simple dishes are the easiest to mess up. Luckily, everything on my plate was picture-perfect. Bread was nicely crisp and fresh. The combination of these two ingredients was really delicious. Pleasantly tart yet sweet, with the distinctive raspberry notes, the compote gave the traditional toast with butter a nice zest twist.

Laid-Back and Casual Charm - Fia Review


After wiping the last crumb from my plate, it was time to satisfy the sugar cravings. With delicious bakes from Don’t Be Such a Gluten, Fia Cafe should be on a must-visit place for gluten-free eaters. Mind you, choosing a dessert is never a piece of cake so we took our time staring at the sugar bites. My companions came back with an almond croissant and brownie.

I snagged a piece of their gluten-free almond cake with marzipan and blueberries. The croissant looked great, but I was too slow to catch up with my friend’s appetite and the flaky pastry vanished almost instantly. I snatched a piece of the brownie, baked in-house. The texture was light and airy which nicely contrasted with a strong chocolate taste, lingering on the tongue. It would be a perfect bite-sized goody for a quick flat white or black filter coffee.


Next stop: the Almond Cake. Made out of almond flour, the sponge was naturally luscious and sweet. It was a bit crunchy, which I loved in combination with marzipan and slightly sour blueberries. There was no sugary nor cloying aftertaste. All the flavours accentuated each other, creating a well-balanced and easy-to-love cake.

Fully recharged with the taste buds tickled, we were ready to hit the streets of Dublin. We said goodbye to Fia, promising to come back for another round of cakes and some nature-powered granola.

Laid-Back and Casual Charm - Fia Review

155B Rathgar Rd,
Dublin 6

T: (01) 441 3344



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