A Charming Charlemont Street Café You Need to Visit – Sip & Slurp Café Review

If you haven’t yet visited Sip & Slurp, on Charlemont Street, then you may have already drooled over their Instagram feed. There you’ll find generously filled wraps, the finest latte art, hearty salads and oozing cheese toasties, pulled apart for dramatic effect.

Nestled between the bustle and hustle of Harcourt Street and Camden Street, I must admit, I had passed by Sip & Slurp many times – but not today!

Though even before I had gotten the chance to take my lusting offline and into the a charming little café, it had impressed me with their ethos. The independent café owned and run by a couple, Lucy and Barry, everything on their simple, but regularly changing, menu is freshly prepared in-house and with local suppliers such as Arun Bakery, who’s sourdough bread and rolls are the star of their sambos.

Coffee wise, Sip & Slurp is a team Cloud Picker all the way, as a big fan I was glad to see bags of the ‘Henry’ blend proudly perched on a shelf next to the entrance.

Surprisingly spacious, and bright, the café sports a very clean and homely look. What I impressed on me most about Sip & Slurp’s decor is front window dotted with colourful coffee cups, a quirky idea that captures your attention from the outside.

Getting Cosy at Sip & Slurp - Café Review

On entering, I headed straight to the food counter and barista station. New to the café’s menu, I asked for recommendations and was kindly introduced by the friendly staff to a killer combo: Harissa Chicken and Roast Veg, Feta and Pesto Salad.

Served on a toasted flour tortilla, my wrap, filled with a sweet rainbow coleslaw and rocket salad, fiery harissa mayo and tender chicken, poached to perfection, packed a punch.

Next, I dived into a salad full of roasted veggies. On a bed of spinach, the generous portion was laden chunks of roasted baby and sweet potatoes, salty feta cheese, and finished with toasted almond flakes, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. I opted for chicken, but if you preferred to go without this is a great tasting, filling option for veggies.

Finally, it was time for coffee sipping and slurping – my favourite part! Cloud Picker’s ‘Henry’ is a blend of 50% Brazil Lilith, 25% Guatemala Union Cantinil, 25% Ethiopia Nyala. Due to its notes of walnut and honeycomb, it’s a great match for milky coffee orders.

Getting Cosy at Sip & Slurp - Café Review

I ordered a flat white, which was sweet and bright, yet it had a slight tang, giving it that zing-factor. For me, ‘Henry’ teased and pampered my taste buds; in my books, that’s something to make you crave for another sip.

Before heading back home, I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie which I was delighted to discover when I sampled later that day was text-book perfect: chewy, buttery, and powered by chocolate – unadulterated goodness.

The office workers of this busy commercial zone are spoiled for choice when it comes to café, but open Monday to Friday, from 7.30 am to 3.00pm, Sip & Slurp has charmed them not only with their food, made with love, and top-notch coffee but with a warmth of service and plethora of personal touches that no coffee chain can offer.

Sip & Slurp
67 Charlemont St,
Saint Kevin’s,
Dublin 2

T: (086) 332 9598
E: sipandslurpdublin@gmail.com
W: sipandslurp.com



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