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F&B Teeling Whiskey Mince Pies
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Fallon & Byrne Team Up With Teeling Whiskey To Create Whiskey Mince Pies

As the season of merriment inches ever closer, the team at Fallon & Byrne have been busy perfecting new recipes for us to enjoy this Christmas and one you won’t want to miss is their Teeling Whiskey Mince Pies. 

With prep in full swing since June, Christmas is a 6-month affair at Fallon & Byrne. Since then, development chef Hugh Higgins has been busy tweaking a range of recipes across the building and one in particular is this year’s own brand mince pies. With a buttery, melt in the mouth crust and a hint of boozed up fruit, we guarantee these will be your go-to mince pie for the festive season.

After testing a few batches, Hugh decided a whiskey element played a big part in the flavour of his recipe and he got down to experimenting with a couple of different brands to get the taste just right. He finally landed on Teeling Whiskey Small Batch, a flavour filled whiskey made with hand-selected casks of grain and malt whiskey which are initially fully aged in Ex-Bourbon barrels, then married together in Central American Rum casks for up to 12 months. The slightly sweet notes of vanilla and rum in Teeling Small Batch complement the fruit mix in the mince pies perfectly and hallelujah: a star was born. 

F&B Teeling Whiskey Mince Pies

The collaboration with Teeling Whiskey comes as Fallon & Byrne embark on a more pronounced plan to work with even more independent Irish food and beverage producers in 2024. Teeling was a top choice not just for flavour, but as a premium brand who strive for excellence in their field.

Adding a sprinkle of magic to the season doesn’t stop at wonderful whiskey infused mince pies. A wander down to the Wine Cellar or up to the first floor Dining Room will allow customers to enjoy a Teeling Whiskey Irish Coffee or an after-dinner Teeling Hot Whiskey. Another great tasting reason to combine your love of whiskey and food this festive season.

With the launch of a brand-new e-commerce platform and website, Fallon & Byrne are now shipping all goods nationwide. Yes, that includes the best of festive meats, delectable cheeses, world wines and beautiful handcrafted treats delivered to your door in 24-48 hours (depending on the day of order). Packed smartly in Woolcool packaging, everything will arrive at your door, holiday home, or office as fresh as it was when it was picked from our fridges and shelves. 

Just log on to and explore a world of artisanal foods, hampers and gifts now.

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