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5 of the Best Matcha Lattes in Dublin

As a coffee addict, I strongly believe I should have either a tank of coffee under my desk or a barista kept in the closet. Having said that is nice to mix things up by adding other delicacies to the daily routine. For the past week or so, I’ve been doing exactly that by adding some green magic to my life in the form of the Matcha Latte.

First, Matcha starts its journey as tea. Matcha powder comes from specially grown and processed green tea called Camellia sinensis. This tea plant is grown in the shade for circa three weeks until harvest. During processing of the leaves, stems and veins get removed.

There are different ways of enjoying Matcha: from tea bags to the green powder people love and cherish. According to, a teaspoon of Matcha has got roughly 68 mg of caffeine before mixing it with water – around half the amount you can find in your filter coffee and tea.

Having done some research, I hit the streets of Dublin to find some Matcha Latte spots. Here are my favourites:

Love is Art Atelier


My favourite hidden gem of Dublin 1 is a must-visit place for a Matcha Latte. Sweet and creamy, I am never disappointed with either their cold or hot version of this green treat. Alternatively, you can try their Green Tea Cake, spiked with matcha goodness.

Love is Art Atelier, Grand Strand Street, Dublin 1



Kaph is located just a few minutes away from Grafton Street. The cafe serves tasty Matcha Lattes, using the Koyu powder. The sweetness of their creation is a bit more subtle, which goes well with some of their delicious pastries.

Kaph, Drury Street, Dublin 2

Network Cafe


Network Cafe is a new kid on the block on Dublin’s coffee scene. Having said that, they definitely know how to whip up a tasty Matcha Latte. Also using the Koyu brand, their pour is deliciously sweet and re-energizing.

Network Cafe, Aungier Street, Dublin 2

Alchemy Juice Co.

alchemy matcha latte

Alchemy is all about healthy snacks. During my visit, I ended with a lovely cuppa of green goodness. Their Matcha Latte was slightly darker in comparison to other places on my list. Having said that, I enjoyed sweet notes with hints of tanginess on my tongue.

Alchemy Juice Co., Leeson Street, Dublin 2

Dublin Barista School


My last stop was South Anne Street. Similar to Kaph, their Matcha Latte was tasty and subtly sweet, which enhanced the milk flavour. If you don’t like sweet drinks, you should make sure to add them to your list. The guys at Dublin Barista School use the Alveus brand for their Matcha Lattes

Dublin Barista School, South Anne Street, Dublin 2


Dublin Drinks CoffeeI’m Anna, the voice behind Dublin Drinks Coffee. My caffeinated adventure started a few years ago, when brewing and steaming in one of local coffee shops. Since then I’ve enjoyed a lot of great cups across Dublin and I share all my stories with on Dublin is full of independent cafes and coffee houses that enrich our culinary scene every day. Browse through lists of unique and local cafes, events, books/movie recommendations and other caffeinated treats to enjoy!

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