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The Perfect Addition to the Street – Bart’s on South William Street Bar & Restaurant Review

The perfect blend. Bart’s is serving up the most delicious gourmet small plates while bringing South William Street another place to dance into the night.

The sun is shining down upon the brightly coloured facade of Bart’s and I am called in by the 70’s disco soundtrack playing into the street. A small number of tables outside all full with people sipping cocktails and basking in this wonderful Dublin evening. My friend and I take a seat just inside the door where we come across a mixture of furniture made of single retro arm chairs and couches of all shapes colours and sizes.

The decor in the front section of Bart’s is a cross between how I imagine James Brown’s sitting room looked and a quirky 1960s pub with lots of shining dark wood and wallpapers of rich browns and dark mustards. The lighting is low and creates a very laid back atmosphere during the early evening. We walk through the curtained partition into the back section and are greeted by 4 monstrous hanging baskets secured from the rafters below the stained glassed ceiling. `The back wall is made up of a large bar that might make you think you had just walked onto the set of a spaghetti Western.

The drinks menu has a selection of draught and craft beers and a small wine list as well as cocktails.

I order the Trophy, similar to a Martini with hints of raspberry and a vanilla aftertaste. The Brian gives a nostalgic not toan old fashioned from the whiskey and bitters, add vermouth and a hint of apricot all smoothed out by two squares of dark chocolate served on the side. For the less established alcohol connessuir try a Cry Baby, a fruity gin and soda that goes down well too easily for a school night tipple.

Bart’s signature dish is their Lobster Fries and they are a thing of beauty. Crispy fries and small shreds of Lobster covered in a hollandaise sauce and toped with lots of grated parmesan. A wonderful creation from chef Matt Fuller and something that will have me returning very soon. Crunchy Maple candied carrots with goats curd were the perfect side for Sirlion Steak with Hazelnut Salt & Black Pepper Creme Brulee; a wonderful thick sauce eradicating the classic steak side decision, peppercorn or bernaise? Hoisin Duck brings the tastebuds to eastern Asia bursting with flavours of soy, sesame and ginger. To finish I try the Chocolate & Candied Sourdough. The sugary super thin slices of bread have a crunch that gives a literal meaning to having a sweet tooth.

It is really good tapas so priced accordingly although undoubtedly some people may raise an eyebrow at €16.50 for the sirloin. Bart’s is a mish-mash of different times, places and great unusual ingredient pairings. A different setting to Pyg or Grogans but a perfect addition to the street.

Happy hour is 4pm-7pm Monday – Friday plus all day Sunday and has some great deals including those fantastic lobster fries and a pint for only 12 euro and make sure check out the brilliant Dublin art on the way to the loos.

On the weekends expect to find the likes of Handsome Paddy and Bobofunk playing tunes late into the night.

Wonderfully tasty plates and the beats to match. Bart’s, you will see me again soon.