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Nannettis Review
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Falling in Love with Food the Italian Way – Nannetti’s Review

Nannetti’s offers modern Italian cuisine in an intimate setting. The restaurant, which opened its doors last December, is the latest venture by restaurateur James Cirillo, who also runs the very popular Cirillo’s on Baggot Street. Sharing the love for authentic Italian food and wines, Nannetti’s takes a slightly higher-end approach, while still keeping a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

We arrived unfashionably early for our Wednesday evening booking, and we were received with a warm greeting and a cold glass of Prosecco that kept us busy while our table was being readied. 

Dim lights, neutral colours and clean, classic decor… It was the stylish type of Italian place that serves as a dreamy setting for a date, or for a small group of food lovers. 

We arrived at our table and browsed the menu. While it was concise, we took our time deciding as one can never take lightly the choice between different types of fresh pasta dishes.  

To start, we shared a Fritto Misto and a Pappardelle al Tartufo. The fritto was crisp and just with the right spot of saltiness, various pieces of battered fried seafood accompanied by a smooth aioli.

I have to admit, while that was quite enjoyable, the Pappardelle stole the show. Hand cut, thick ribbons of homemade pasta with Parmesan cream, saute mushrooms and fresh truffles on top. 

For main, my guest ordered Linguine di Mare and I tried the Saltimbocca alla Romana. One moment we were in Dublin, the next we were somewhere on the Amalfi Coast. I have to admit, I got visual dinner envy when I saw the neat, insta-friendly presentation of my partner’s linguine, compared to a more straightforward-looking dish in front of me: Veal loin wrapped in Parma ham and fresh sage in a white wine sauce with roast potatoes and green beans.

It only took a bite for me to give myself a mental facepalm. The chef’s kiss emoji was designed to describe that dishe’s flavour. The meat was tender and the greens crunchy, the sauce was silky and rich. It paired nicely with Dolcetto di Ovada.

This said, the linguine wasn’t just a pretty face. Al dente pasta, covered in a tomato sauce with juicy datterino tomatoes, Dublin Bay prawns, mussels, clams and roasted pistachio. The seafood was cooked on point, soft and delicate, ideal alongside a glass of Gavi.

The all-Italian wine at Nannetti’s is part of the experience. With limited options by the glass, one is encouraged to share a bottle, and with over 80 alternatives, you can explore Italy’s crowd pleasers, hidden gems, and timeless classic regions. There is even a Magnum selection for those larger or thirstier gatherings.

As the night went on and plates returned empty to the kitchen, temptation made its move. Portions had been generous and full as we were, when that dessert menu reached our hands we didn’t even have to make eye contact. This was happening.

One cannot simply walk into a proper Italian restaurant and not have Homemade Tiramisu for dessert. Served in a tumbler glass, it was creamy and gently sweet, with the mildest bitter note from the liquor. We shared the iconic sweet and tried one Espresso Martini, the trifecta of coffee, dessert and booze that can so perfectly conclude an evening.

We arrived unfashionably early, and yet we were almost the last ones to leave. The ambiance, the friendly and professional service and of course, the quality of the food all united to make an evening at Nannetti’s memorable. 

The bill at Nannettis came at €121.30, including two starters, two mains, one dessert, two glasses of wine, one cocktail and sparkling water.


No. 22 Dawson St. Dublin 2

(01) 662 4736


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