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Boerewors, Parmesan Polenta and Charred Onion and Mustard Gravy Recipe By Catherine Fulvio from Tastes Like Home Episode 1

Tastes like Home is proudly sponsored by Belling and in this new eight part series Catherine Fulvio visits families across Ireland who show her how to make their favourite family dishes, before travelling to locations around the world to recreate these ‘tastes like home’ for family members now living abroad. 

This week in episode one, Tastes Like Home is a little different as it looks back at Catherine’s time in South Africa where she visited Cape Town and Johannesburg. Catherine will teach viewers some new recipes including Biltong Bruschetta with Irish Farmhouse Cheese, Nectarines and Balsamic Glaze and a Boerewors, Parmesan polenta with a Charred onion and Mustard Gravy. All of these dishes are inspired by local dishes and flavours Catherine experienced whilst visiting South Africa.

Boerewors, Parmesan polenta and charred onion and mustard gravy

Soft Polenta
Serves 4

750ml of water

1 tsp salt

150g “quick cook” polenta,

60g butter

50g parmesan, grated 

Salt and pepper to taste

Pour the water and salt into a large heavy based saucepan with a lid and bring to the boil.

Gradually pour in the polenta, while whisking continuously and quickly to ensure the mixture stays smooth and no lumps form. Add in the butter and parmesan.

Reduce the heat to its lowest setting and cook for 1 to 2 minutes or until the mixture is thick and creamy and coming away from the pan. (add more water if necessary)

Season with salt and freshly ground pepper and serve immediately. 

Smoked onion and mustard gravy


120ml beef gravy

1 spoon whole-grain mustard

1 spoon chopped thyme


Heat the gravy and add the whole-grain mustard and finally the chopped thyme

Set aside to serve


1 large Boerewors sausage wheel 

2 medium-size onions


Add olive oil to pan and heat on high, 

Add the whole Boerewors sausage wheel to the pan in one piece ( do not pierce ) 

Cook sausages until charred on the outside, reduce heat and cook fully turning halfway 

Cut onions and half and cook with the sausage in a pan, 

Once cooked through remove and allowed to cool

To serve

Place the polenta in the middle of a large serving dish

Place the Boerewors sausage wheel on top and the onions

Add a sprig of Rosemary for garnish 

Serve the gravy on the side

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