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Three Ingredient Banana Pancakes Recipe with Cherries and Pistachios by Darina Coffey

There is nothing better than a sweet treat for breakfast and this three ingredient banana pancakes recipe is the easiest breakfast of all time. Bonus – these pancakes are pretty healthy too, with good fats and fibre coming from chia seeds. Top yours with whatever takes your fancy, but the trio of pistachios, cherries and chocolate is hard to beat!


2 large eggs
1 large banana
1 tbsp milled chia seeds

1 punnet of Irish cherries (we used Keeling’s)
50g dark chocolate
A good handful of shelled pistachios, chopped


1. Chop the banana into chunks and mash with a fork or add to a blender.
2. Add two eggs and mix well or blend.
3. Add milled chia seeds and mix well/blend. Leave to thicken for 5-10 minutes.
4. Place a non-stick pan over a medium heat and pour rounds of batter in. I only do two at a time, as they can quickly go from perfectly cooked to burned!
5. Once bubbles appear on the surface, after 2 minutes or so, the pancakes are ready to flip and cook for a further minute on the other side.
6. Repeat until you have six small pancakes, or four larger ones.
7. Top your pancakes with chopped, stoned cherries, pistachios and chocolate shavings.


Darina CoffeyGrowing up with the name Darina, I was constantly asked if I could cook like my namesake. With that(and greed) as the ultimate motivator, I realised that baked goods make excellent bribes and an obsession was born! I am the only person to have contested both Masterchef and the Great Irish Bake off, fuelling my desire to focus on food in a serious way. Working with TheTaste allows me to satisfy this craving and marries my food fascination with my love of writing and ranting.

Darina Coffey Darina Coffey
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