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Nespresso Launches Rare Limited-Edition Hawaii Kona, Which Offers an Exceptional Experience for Coffee Connoisseurs

Nespresso Sources One of the World’s Most Sought-After Coffees to Create a Rare Limited Edition

IRELAND – Committed to delivering one-of-a-kind coffee experiences to coffee lovers around the world, Nespresso demonstrates its expertise and innovation as it brings back highly exclusive Limited Edition Hawaii Kona coffee. Hawaii Kona coffee has earned a global reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious coffees, beloved by true connoisseurs. Nespresso’s coffee experts challenged themselves to bring Hawaii Kona’s remarkable sensory experience to its Irish consumers as a limited edition after a successful initial launch in the US back in 2012.

“In our endless quest for the most sought-after coffees around the world, we find small pockets of exceptional coffees, just enough in quantity to produce a Limited Edition that enables new dimensions in the journey of coffee knowledge and enjoyment,” commented Karsten Ranitzsch, Global Head of Coffee at Nestlé Nespresso SA. “Hawaii Kona is one of the world’s most notorious coffees for its exquisite taste but is so scarce that it can only be offered as a limited edition. It’s a true rare indulgence that every coffee lover should taste, if only once.”

Nespresso’s coffee experts carefully controlled the roasting and the grinding of this coffee to enhance its aromatic notes and finest flavours when consumers extract the cup. Nespresso’s Limited-Edition Hawaii Kona will captivate coffee lovers as it gradually releases its exceptional roundness and richness alongside an array of delicate flavors and aromas. Made of pure Hawaii Kona Arabica, it is infinitely rich and smooth, with a velvety body. The intensity of this coffee lies not in its strength, but in its enduring and lingering taste. In place of bitterness coffee drinkers will find gentle fruity and well-rounded flavors that are light but lasting on the palate.

The Origin of Limited-Edition Hawaii Kona

Born from one of the most beautiful islands in the world – the perfect garden for exceptional coffee plants – Limited Edition Hawaii Kona’s rarity is a result of meticulous growth methods, traditional farming practices and the Nespresso mastery required to heighten its sensatory properties. Grown on the left side of Hawaii’s Big Island on less than one thousand very small – often only five acre – family- run farms, approximately 40,000 bags are produced a year versus Colombia’s 14 million in 2019. The region’s ideal microclimate with temperate weather, no frost, protective shade and lush volcanic soil, allows coffee bushes to develop slowly until they have created the perfect cherries which can then be hand-picked with meticulous care for the finest selection. Only coffee grown in this very small region, as with Nespresso’s Limited-Edition Hawaii Kona, can be labeled with the name.

A delicate and precious coffee

Due to its small volume, the fragility of the crop and Nespresso’s meticulous approach, the quantity of coffee produced is very limited and precious. To preserve and best protect it, the cherries were stored with the kept parchment in Hawaii, and a second liner bag was added to protect and maintain the freshness of this delicate coffee.

A precious production, Nespresso’s Limited-Edition Hawaii Kona also requires a very specific and delicate roasting method, carefully developed by Nespresso Experts, to highlight the coffee’s rare quality through its incomparable flavor and complexity. On Original, the coffee beans will go through a single batch medium roast and are ground to a medium size to create some intensity, while letting the exotic fruit notes prevail in the cup. On Vertuo, they are undergoing a split roast, with the first slightly lighter and longer and the second shorter and darker, for an extra punch. This combination helps preserve the natural fruity notes while creating body and intensity.

Due to the refinement of Limited-Edition Hawaii Kona, it is best served as an espresso and tasted black to fully enjoy the sensorial experience it has to offer. Reflecting the preciousness of the coffee inside, the capsule is a pure silver color. The sleeve, in line with the capsule, is finished in a satin mat shade of silver and opens from the front in a coffer style.

Nespresso’s Limited-Edition Hawaii Kona launches August 25th 2021 and is available in very limited quantities for a limited time online at, at selected Nespresso Boutiques.

A sleeve of 10 capsules sells for €11 for Original and €12 for Vertuo.

For more information on the new Limited-Edition Hawaii Kona or other Nespresso coffees, visit

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