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Mikey Ryan’s Avocado & Poached Eggs on Toast with Peanut Rayu and Crispy Bacon by Chef Stephen Hayes

Ingredients (serves 4)

x 1 Loaf of Sourdough Bread or Similar
x8 Free Range Eggs
x1 Splash of Distilled Vinegar (Or any vinegar really)
x10 Streaky Bacon Rashers
Avocado Smash (Recipe Below)
Peanut Rayu (Recipe Below)


  • Place the rashers between two layers of greaseproof/parchment paper, then place them on an oven tray with another tray on top. Cook at 185 degrees for 12-15mins or until crispy. Then place on kitchen paper to cool and crisp up.
  • Set a pot (a tall one if you have), of water on the heat and bring it up to a slow simmer, then add a good splash of distilled vinegar and lower the heat until required. Slice 4 thick slices of bread and toast in the toaster or under the grill.
  • Then poach your eggs. When the water is gently simmering crack four eggs into the water and cook for 2mins 15 seconds then remove and set aside, somewhere warm and poach the next four. When all eggs are cooked, season with salt & pepper.
  • To assemble, place your toast on a plate and smother in avocado smash, then top with two eggs and drizzle the peanut rayu over the top and around the plate. Break the bacon into small pieces and sprinkle over the top. Decorate with some edible flowers – I used chive flowers.
  • Then repeat for the next three plates and enjoy.

Mikey Ryan’s Avocado Smash

Spanish Avocado 4
Red Onion 1
Beef Tomato 1
Siracha Sauce 1tbsp
Lemon Zest & Juice 1
Coriander ½ Bunch
Salt & Pepper Enough


  • Cut the tomato in quarters and remove the seeds, then dice into tiny brunoise. Very finely dice the red onion also and set both aside.
  • Cut the avocado’s in half and remove the seeds and skin – place in a large bowl along with the onion & tomato.
  • Finely chop the coriander (it’s okay if some stalks get chopped as they’re quite fine already), and add to the bowl
  • Add the siracha sauce and then lime zest & juice. Season with salt & pepper and mash with a whisk until smooth ish, some lumps are ok.
  • Taste and adjust seasoning.

Mikey Ryan’s Peanut Rayu  

Garlic Cloves 6
Emerald Rapeseed Oil 650ml
Chilli Flakes 20g
Cayenne Pepper 20g
Sesame Togarashi(Tesco) 1x60g Tub
Honey 70g
Dark Soy Sauce 40g
Lime Juice 25g
Roasted Salted Peanuts 500g


  • Place the salted peanuts on a tray and roast at 160 degrees until golden and then cool.
  • Heat the rapeseed oil in a pan to 180 degrees, while coming to temperature – cut the garlic into thin slices. Once hot add the garlic and cook until golden brown, then remove and cool on kitchen paper. Then, allow the oil to cool (to around 120 degrees).
  • In a small pan, heat the honey, soy sauce and lime juice and mix until well emulsified. 
  • Mix the chilli flakes, cayenne pepper and sesame togarashi in a large bowl – then whilst mixing continuously, gradually add the oil which should be approx. 120 degrees. Continue mixing until everything is well incorporated. 
  • Then add the honey/soy mix and keep mixing. Finally add the (now cooled), garlic and peanuts and mix well.

Mikey Ryan’s Bar & Kitchen
76 Main St, St. Dominick’s Abbey, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, E25 NY58
Phone: (062) 62007

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