This Dublin City Market Square is Set For a Major Redevelopment

There’s good news on the jobs front as the regeneration of an old square in Dublin’s Liberties is expected to create 1,700 jobs.

A new 239-bedroom hotel, indoor market, micro brewery, as well as office space and residential accommodation, will be part of the multi-million euro regeneration scheme.

The development is set to be centred around Newmarket Square and will involve the demolition of the 1970s enterprise centre.

The square is home to Teeling Whiskey Distillery, Dublin Food Co-op, the Green Door Market and the monthly Dublin flea market.

Newmarket Partnership have said that approximately 500 people will be employed during the construction phase, with the potential for a further 1,200 jobs once the project has been completed.

This development will likely compliment Dublin City Council’s €3.2m upgrade of the square, which is home to the newly established Teeling Distillery.

A spokesperson for the Newmarket Partnership told the Irish Independent that “Much of the regeneration we are planning would involve replacing 1970s enterprise and factory units with mixed use development comprising a hotel, new retail and office space and accommodation.”

He added: “Newmarket Square has witnessed a rebirth thanks to the Teeling Distillery and some outdoor markets but we believe now is the time to transform the old enterprise centre into a residential and retail hub, with an iconic hotel and other attractions which will encourage people to not alone visit but reside in the heart of Dublin.”

Planning permission for the regeneration work is set to be lodged with Dublin City Council.

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