Batched Winter Negroni Cocktail Recipe by Hendrick’s Gin

Delicious and truly festive Hendrick’s Gin cocktails for the upcoming Christmas season. Each of these cocktails has been crafted by Irish Hendrick’s Gin Irish Ambassador, Ben Curtis, and are perfect if you’re entertaining at home this Christmas or looking to add a little flair and finesse to your Christmas festivities. 

Each cocktail contains Hendrick’s Gin as the core element, but are each as uniquely delicious and enticing as the next.


250ml Hendrick’s Gin,
250ml Campari,
250ml Sweet Vermouth,
2 Sticks of Cinnamon,
2 Star Anise,
5 Cloves,
8 Orange slices.


Add all of the ingredients together and leave to sit for 1 hour before straining off the liquid and pour into ice filled glasses.

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