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Fade Street Social at Home – Restaurant Delivery Review

I’m really glad Fade Street have added an order online function to their Fade at Home offering, as I feel the staff knew me personally from the sheer volume of phone orders I placed during the first lockdown.

Initially tempted by the fact that they deliver all over Dublin (still a big plus for me), I also always think of Fade Street as constant and consistent staple for delicious food in Dublin. It feel like a no brainier that they would manage to adapt to the challenge of creating restaurant quality food at home.

I wasn’t wrong, and 5(ish) Chateaubriands later, I can say that it will be a contender for the best steak you will ever eat in your own home. Peter Hannan Himalayan salt aged centre cut beef, seared on the chargrill for that inimitable smokiness and marinated in herbs and garlic, all you have to do is pop it into the oven for 10-12 minutes, let it rest and then let the fight to the death for the last slice begin. It is like butter. Their peppered sauce is luscious with a boozy kick, the perfect drizzle.

Should you be more of the surf than turf persuasion, the Lobster Box is a pretty luxurious option. A sweet whole Irish Lobster with lashings of garlic butter and crucially, with the precious claw meat already freed from the shell, this needs only a couple of minutes under a hot grill.

This meal for two (with a rather nice bottle of Prosecco included) comes with heirloom tomato and burrata salad with gorgeous gazpacho dressing and, I salivate as I type this, WAGYU beef dripping roasted potatoes. I only wish these Wagyu wonders were available as a standalone side.

If you’re going to make an order, don’t stop with the mains. Kick off proceedings with the oozing delicious Lamb Wood Fired Calzone with truffle honey and silky Pumpkin Hummus with Onion Fougasse to dunk while you wait for your oven to preheat for the steak.

Every single order I have made without fail contains the Brown Butter Truffle Cauliflower with good reason, it is bubbling, melting death row meal level cauliflower cheese. It really does serve two, although you’ll want to push yourself. The Pomme Purée is as buttery as you’d hope and expect; and well worth adding to cart as another perfect side.

I like to lighten things up with the Crispy Kale and Avocado Salad, which is actually as delicious as it is saintly with lemony tart yogurt dressing and crisp radishes and green apple. Balance, they call it.

I then like to undo said salad with Popcorn Caramel Softserve, and seriously, make mine a large one. I’ve also had the chocolate pretzel flavour but the subtle toasty flavour of the popcorn aerated ice cream and sticky popcorn kernels won over this chocolate devotee. If you’ve been to their Ballsbridge sister spot Shelbourne Social, this is a little reminder of their signature softserve dessert, adapted for home, and done very well indeed. Devoured too quickly to capture a nice shot of it – a great endorsement.

It’s safe to say they haven’t heard the last of me in Fade Street Social. I love the fact that it is an a la carte menu, so you can order as much or as little (as if) as you like. You can even order Spiced Bourbon and Apple Glazed Pork Rib for four, but for two of you, with absolutely no shame and the most delicious leftovers for brunch the next day. I speak from very happy experience on that one.

Need I say more?