Zabaglione Ristorante Rinuccini
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Zabaglione Recipe from Ristorante Rinuccini

Zabaglione is a simple Italian dessert made of egg yolks, sugar, and sometimes Marsala wine, that may be served warm or cold. At Ristorante Rinuccini we forgo the Marsala, decorate our Zabaglione with raspberries, and serve cold over layered ice-cream and sponge cake.

Serves 4


– 2 egg yolks
– 2 tablespoon caster sugar
– Raspberries to serve

Beat the egg yolks and sugar over a Bain Marie – whisk constantly for about 4-5 minutes until the mixture is thick and foamy. Be very careful not to allow the mixture to get too hot as this will scramble the eggs. When the mixture forms a thick coat on the back of a spoon – it is ready!

Chef Antonio’s Tip:
Make a Bain Marie at home by placing a heat proof dish over a pot of boiling water. Ensure that the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl as this will be too hot.

To Serve:
– At Ristorante Rinuccini we serve this Zabaglione this over layered ice-cream and sponge cake. Spoon the Zabaglione mixture over the ice cream and sponge cake, caramelising the topping by placing the dish under a grill for 30 seconds.
– Decorate with raspberries and serve immediately.


Spaghetti Gamberoni2Antonio came to Ireland from Lazio aged 15. He served his apprenticeship under the classically trained chef, Bernardino Gentile, at Quo Vadis in Dublin, one of the first and most influential Italian restaurants on the Irish scene. In 1989, with his wife Marion, he opened Ristorante Rinuccini, Kilkenny’s first Italian restaurant, opposite the city’s medieval Kilkenny Castle.

Food and family are at the heart of Italian culture and at the heart of Ristorante Rinuccini. Like all Italian families they are full of passion and that passion – for fine cuisine – continues to the next generation, with Antonio and Marion’s son, Riccardo and his wife Orla carrying on this strong family tradition and continuing their legacy.

Rinuccini Rinuccini