Bake with Your Bubbles – You Can Now Buy Prosecco Icing

Cake is the essential ingredient in all special occasions, but now you can add a celebratory pop to your baked goodies – UK based baking Mecca Lakeland has just launched Prosecco-flavoured frosting. For those of us who enjoy a glass of bubbles, you can now top your cakes and cupcakes with this novel treat, which just needs a piping bag to pimp your creations.

Granted, recipes for boozy bakes abound online, but this way you can save your Prosecco for sipping and slather this creamy white non-alcoholic frosting on celebration cakes instead, even if the only thing you are celebrating is buying Prosecco icing. If you have ever curdled a batch of homemade buttercream by using too heavy a hand with your favourite bottle, you’ll be excited to give this a go.

Not a Prosecco fan? Lakeland has also ventured into the realm of cocktail flavoured icing with zesty Mojito and coconut-spiked Pina Colada options to make your very own ‘caketail’ with. Finally, the perfect lemon cake topping, Gin and Tonic icing, is also available to order.

Lakeland’s range of booze-flavoured icings retail for £2.49 for 350g and are currently included in a buy one get one half price promotion. If you’d prefer your bakes with a bit of a kick, you can also add some Shot Tops, little pipettes to inject your poison of choice straight into your cake, to your Lakeland order for £9.99.

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