After a year of surveying Irish tastes, Cleaver East reveals their first menu

One year on after opening up in a blaze of publicity, Cleaver East is ready to reveals it’s first dinner menu. The menu has been inspired by understanding people’s dining habits over the past 12 months, Oliver’s original vision was to create a series of small plates to see which tempted in the city diners.

Despite the much documented online argument between Oliver and food critic Lucinda O’Sullivan, the Cleaver East project has been a successful exercise, which can be seen by the number of customers the restaurant has served. We asked Oliver if he regretted the public spat with Lucinda and he said “Absolutely not. I stood up for what I believed in and defended my business, my staff and my own professional integrity. In hindsight it was the best thing to happen to Cleaver East as we were the most talked about restaurant in Ireland and the place was packed for months. Lucinda is more than welcome to come in and try my new menu I’m sure she will love it!“.

It is certainly, a testament to his vision and confidences in his restaurant, as most Chefs would feel the need to make a return on their investment as soon as possible however Oliver was determined to get his dinner menu just right and felt that he needed to see what worked in the city centre.

Taking into account, some of the most popular small plates, Oliver has design Cleaver East’s first menu and for starters you can see below you have a great selection to choose from, but our favorite has to be Dublin Bay Prawn Dumplings and this tastes as good as it looks.

Looking at the standard of this restaurant and the food, we were quite surprised at how competitive Oliver has kept the prices with most starters €10 or less.

Lobster Dumplings_01


Chestnut and Wild Mushroom Soup with Soft Poached Organic Hens Egg – 7.95

Smoked Baby Beets with Burnt Goats Curd, Pickled Plums and Sour Dough Croutons – 8.95

Fivemiletown Goats Cheese Panna Cotta, Beetroot and Port Puree,
Pickled Golden Beets, Caramelised Pecans – 9.50

Citrus Salmon with Apple and Fennel Salad and Smoked Almonds – 9.95

Crispy Suckling Pig Belly with Beetroot and Hoi Sin Puree, Apple and Onion Salsa – 10.50

Irish Beef Carpaccio with Salsa Verde, Pecorino Crisps, Lemon and Rocket – 10.95

New England Clam and Seafood Chowder – 11.50

Crab and Pear Cannelloni, Lemon Mayo and Candied Walnuts – 11.95

Dublin Bay Prawn Dumplings, Oriental Mushrooms and Lemongrass Broth – 12.50


Moving on to the main courses, Oliver has made sure there is something to suit everyone’s taste (see below), however it is the Beef Cuts where you will find some luxurious options that must be tried. If you want to try the certified best beef on earth, you will find Wagyu Striplion on the menu which is priced at €59, however the selection of mains, start from only €17.50, which taking into an account that Oliver Dunne is a Michelin Star Chef is fantastic value.

We would recommend the 300g Rare Breed Pork T-Bone, Slow Cooked Butternut Squash, Chorizo and Pork Shoulder Sausage, Caramelised Pink Lady Apples.


Main Courses

Spinach and Buffalo Milk Ricotta Cannelloni with Muscat Pumpkin,
Basil Pesto and Buttered Greens – 17.50

Roast Organic Salmon, Herb Gnocchi, Poached Hens Egg
with Parmesan and Pine Nut – 19.95

Butter Poached Corn-Fed Chicken Breast with a Sage and Parmesan Crust,
Carrot and Anise Puree, Thyme Jus – 21.00

Pan Fried Hake with Smoked Haddock Brandade, Lemon Gel,
Spring Onion and Pistachio Dressing – 22.50

Roast Fillet of Cod with Sweet and Sour Piquillo Peppers,
Chorizo and Almond Minestrone – 23.95

300g Rare Breed Pork T-Bone, Slow Cooked Butternut Squash, Chorizo and
Pork Shoulder Sausage, Caramelised Pink Lady Apples – 24.00

Beef Cuts

Hand Selected Angus Rib Eye Beef 225g/8oz Pure Breed Black Angus – 26.00
Fed organic grains and hung for 28 days (€8.00 Early Bird Supplement)

21-Day Fillet, 200g/7oz. of Herefordshire Beef – 28.00
Grass fed and sourced from a selection of top class farmers from the South Leinster Region

Himalayan Salt-Cured Striploin 300g/11oz. Glenarm Shorthorn – 34.00
Grass fed and hung in a lined chamber of Himalayan Salt Rock for 40 days

Bone in Cote du Bouef for 2, 725g/26oz. Hand Selected Angus Beef – 50.00
Naturally grass fed from Slaney Valley hung in the traditional manor of 28 day on the bone

Wagyu Striploin 200g/7oz Grade 9 Australian Wagyu Beef – 59.00 C
This uber luxurious product is revered as the best beef on earth.
We serve a Sashi (Marbling) Grade 9, the highest quality beef available outside of Japan.


Lastly for Dessert, which range from €7.50 up to €9.50, no matter what dessert you end up choosing, you will be presented with a work of art, the design of the dishes are at a very high standard. However the stand out dessert has to be the Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta, Blackberry and Lemon Curd, Cinnamon Crumb.


Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta, Blackberry and Lemon Curd, Cinnamon Crumb



Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta, Blackberry and Lemon Curd, Cinnamon Crumb – 7.50

Cleaver East Tiramisu, Chocolate and Almond Crumb, Espresso Gel – 7.50

Dark Chocolate Ganache, Peanut Butter Mousse, Peanut Crumb and Pear Meringue – 7.50

Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting, Pistachio Snow, Pistachio Ice Cream – 7.50

Selection of Irish Artisan Cheese, Spiced Pear Chutney, Cheese Crackers – 9.50


We asked Oliver which of the dishes on the new menu he was most proud of, he said “at the moment the Glenarm Shorthorn Himalayan Salt-Cured Striploin is absolutely fantastic and the flavour of the beef is hard to beat“.

The standard of restaurants in Dublin City Centre is at an all time high, from design to atmosphere, from food to prices, everything has to be just right for a restaurant to succeed, with a lot of restaurants failing in the first year of opening, we feel Oliver and his team took a brave risk to gamble on their first year, but the results and their new menu was worth the effort.


If you haven’t tried Cleaver East yet then you are definitely missing out, if you have tried their small plates menu over the last 12 months, well we can confidently say the level of food has just gone up, you will still find some of your favorite dishes on the menu in some form but you will notice a greater selection.


This is one taste we highly recommend !!


Cleaver East
6-8 East Essex Street,
Temple Bar,
Dublin 2,


Telephone: +353 1 531 3500

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