WSET Launches Free App that will Help you Take Better Wine Tasting Notes

wset wine tasting app feat

The Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET), an organisation dedicated to provide globally recognised qualifications in wine, spirits and sake, has just launched a tasting notes app, based on the Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT) at Level 2, named WSET Wine Tasting Notes.

The app is free and it’s available both through iTunes and Google Play. It guides users through the evaluating process, starting from the wine’s appearance, then nose, then palate and conclusion.

It also allows the users to store pictures of the wines and other useful notes. While it is going to be a major help to WSET students, all wine lovers can benefit from using it, as it allows you to store your notes and impressions on wine in an organised, professional manner.

wset wine tasting app feat

The WSET Wine Tasting Notes app is not part of a course, but it was created to be a helpful tool to students from all levels. It includes useful tips on how to record your notes and it offers a great taster of the skills one can acquire with a WSET course.

It includes a databse of over 300 wine producing countries and regions, over 100 pre-populated grape varieties, a comprehensive lexicon of commonly used flavour and aroma descriptors, ability to record notes in “blind” tasting mode, ability to store photos of the wines and more.

The app currently has a five star rating on Google’s Play Store.

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