Here’s Where You Can Get The World’s Most Luxurious Spice Bag

The world’s most luxurious spice bag is available in Dublin for a limited time only. Crafted by Hang Dai in Dublin, this once humble dish has been given a serious revamp.

Camden Street’s Hang Dai has collaborated with Deliveroo for this luxurious spice bag, with this “bag of dreams” bringing together a wonderful mix of spices and herbs.

Speaking about the spice bag, Deliveroo’s Joe Groves said: “At Deliveroo we always like to challenge the norm and this is one of the most risky and exciting endeavours! This Spice Bag is going to be unlike anything witnessed or tasted before. We have worked closely with Hang Dai’s Executive Chef, Karl Whelan to use the most rare ingredients, to bring this pioneering creation together.”

Luxurious Spice Bag

Hang Dai’s Executive Chef Karl Whelan said: “Regardless of luxurious ingredients, it’s how you fuse and marry them that’s so important. We have made sure to work the ingredients in a way that brings out the most incredible flavours.

“Without completely forgetting it’s humble roots, the World’s Most Luxurious Spice Bag retains the unique taste and mix that people love. I promise, when you taste this Spice Bag, you will never forget it.”

Some of the ingredients in this spice bag include Golden Lobster Balls, Roast Scallops with Garlic and Squid ink, Dry fried XL Gambas, Black Truffle White Asparagus Spring Rolls, Fried Oysters, Chilli Salt Chicken, Crispy Foie Gras Wantons, Crispy Skin Seabass, Crispy Langoustines in String Pastry. The Spice Bag is crowned with Chilli, Fennel, Kale Sprouts, Trout Caviar and of course, Potato Stars or Chips.

Now, this limited edition spice bag doesn’t come cheap. With a €100 price tag, the spice bag is available from today.

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