Win at Wine: Test your Wine Knowledge with this New Board Game

World of Wine Game: Test your Wine Knowledge and Win |

Board games are experiencing a golden age and not just for kiddie or family friendly themes. Difficult strategy, complex dynamics, adult topics (and by that we don’t mean risqué, although that’s not unheard of) and innovative design are giving strength to a wave of publications with a growing fan-base. Another thing that over 18s are known for enjoying is wine, so the merging of both was only bound to happen. World of Wine Game is a luxury board game created by an accredited Wine Educator and that both pros and beginners can play and enjoy.

The dynamics of World of Wine Game are very easy: “roll the dice and wherever you land you get asked a question from 1 of 8 topics. There are 3 options, so no matter what the question is you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right.”

There are over 320 question cards with questions on wine styles, key grapes and wines from around the world as well as some fun wine facts and trivia. It is recommended for three players or more (as many as you’d like as you can play in teams).

World of Wine Game is priced at £59.95 (€70) and it’s available online.



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