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Expansion at the Ha’penny Bridge – Woolen Mills

This summer saw some delightful new restaurants opening in Dublin. One of the most notable new eateries to grace the city centre is the Woollen Mills.

Already known and loved for the ever successful Winding Stair just next door, Elaine Murphy took an empty yet iconic space and transformed it into Dublin’s newest, most down to earth hotspot.
Situated on Lower Ormond Quay, the Woollen Mills boasts four floors of foodie heaven. It’s the perfect place to be, whether you’re looking to run in on your way to work or slow down and watch the day pass you by.

They bake everything fresh every day. Downstairs you’ll find a selection of buns and pastries ready to be wrapped up or eaten in. They also do a selection of handcrafted sandwiches for take away.
Moving up into the restaurant, the Woollen Mills stays true to its roots. They serve simple foods and a lot of them. The menu ranges from fresh fish, vegetarian plates and traditional stews, however what stands out most is that it’s all comfort food, or if you will, a modern take on Irish soul food.

What’s makes the Woollen Mills so special is its effortlessness. It’s a gathering place of sorts, curated by a passion for bringing people together over simple, hearty food and great drinks. They’re taking some of the flavours we love the most and reviving them to reflect Dublin as it is now.

The Woollen Mills is open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 11pm.

It’s one of Dublin’s foodie havens that ought not to be missed! 01 828 0895


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