Winners of Irish Food Writers’ Guild Food Awards 2016 Announced

Silver Darlings Herrings

Six winners were announced today at the 2016 Irish Food Writers’ Guild Food Awards, including the first-ever award for an Irish stout.

In another first, the awards ceremony was hosted at the two-Michelin-star Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, where industry luminaries gathered for a lunch prepared by chef and co-owner Guillaume Lebrun, who incorporated the winning produce into a special menu.

The 2016 Irish Food Writers’ Guild (IFWG) Food Award winners are Wild Irish Foragers for its full range of products, Silver Darlings for its pickled herrings and Mossfield Organic Farm for its organic milk. White Gypsy Brewery received the Irish Drink Award for its Russian Imperial Stout. Joe Fitzmaurice of Riot Rye Bakehouse and Bread School was presented with a Special Contribution to Irish Food Award and this year’s Environmental Award went to Highbank Organic Orchards.

According to the IFWG chairperson Aoife Carrigy, who was speaking at the 2016 IFWG Food Awards the winners are all representative of real ‘super foods’. Aoife said these foods aren’t about fads or trends but instead are prime examples of consistent quality, long-term sustainability, hard work and a massive dollop of passion.

The IFWG Food Awards, now in their 22nd year, celebrate indigenous food producers and organisations. They are considered important as they recognise those who create, make and share great Irish produce and products while helping to maintain Ireland’s outstanding international reputation in food and drink.

Aoife Carrigy said, “as a nation, our focus should be on the abundance of incredible produce throughout Ireland that is being made available to consumers by passionate producers who take a sustainable approach to food and food innovation, whether by re-embracing traditional approaches to age-old food sources such as milk, apples or wild berries, or by applying a modern perspective to traditional foods such as Irish fish, stout or bread.”

What’s really interesting about this year’s winners is that they are representative of the new energy that is emerging from the midlands for food and drink. All six have been selected for the high standard and impeccable quality of their produce, together with their dedication and commitment to Irish food. As an organisation that is devoted to being a voice for better eating, we have been shining a spotlight on the best of the best for over 20 years and this year it’s the turn of the midlands to shine.”

The IFWG Food Awards are unique in that no one can enter themselves or their product into the awards and no company knows it has been nominated or shortlisted for an award. The Guild is the sole nominating and decision-making body.

You can view the full list of IFWG Food Awards winner to date here.

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