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Marks & Spencer Launches Wine with Half the Calories
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Grape News! Marks & Spencer Launches Wine with Half the Calories

British retailer Marks & Spencer has just launched a brand of wine with half the calories compared to a standard bottle. The collection, named Sumika (Japanese for light), includes a Sauvignon Blanc, a rosé and a Shiraz, and they all contain only 50 calories per 100ml.

The wines are priced at €11 and they were made exclusively for M&S by South African winery Journey’s End, from the prestigious region of Stellenbosch.

Unlike some low alcohol wines which are made with inexpensive base wine passed through a spinning machine to partially remove the alcohol and have added sugar to compensate for the lack of flavour; the Sumika range goes through the spinning technology but it has non-fermented grape juice added afterwards instead.

Marks & Spencer Launches Wine with Half the Calories

Another thing that sets it apart from other low alcohol wines is that it has an ABV of 8.5%, compared to the more usual 5.5% ABV of these type of product.

Another important element that distinguishes this range is the fact that it has received positive reactions from the specialised press. Respected wine critic Jilly Goolden told the Daily Mail: “This is a breakthrough. So far low-alcohol and low-calories have been a great disappointment. Some are disgusting. But this is a great step forward.”

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