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Wine of the Week from O'Briens: Torres Natureo White
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Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Torres Natureo White

There are times of the day when a decaf coffee will please our craving for roasted deliciousness without disturbing a good night’s sleep, and sometimes all we need is a rich, dark sugar-free chocolate bar to appease our cocoa-hunger in a diet-savvy way. When it comes to wine, having an alcohol-free glass enables you to enjoy its flavour and many of the drink’s benefits while staying at your sharpest.

Whether you want to play the long game and pace yourself alternating a de-alcoholised wine with other drinks, you are going dry for the night or for the next nine months, or you are a wine lover who simply wants to sip on a soft drink that’s natural and tasty, opening a bottle of non-alcoholic wine every now and then makes perfect sense.

Wine of the Week from O'Briens: Torres Natureo WhiteTorres Natureo White is made with Muscat grapes and, unlike other de-alcoholised wines, it’s truly 0% ABV, which means that even the most abstemious guest on your table will be able to share it.

The company has pioneered on a method to remove the alcohol carefully, preserving the wine’s aroma and taste, thus distinguishing it from mere grape juice.

By using an aromatic grape such as Muscat, the wine stands flavourful and medium bodied, with a fruity nose and an off-dry taste where peaches, apples and ripe lemon combine. A subtle mineral hint and a moderate acidity complement it.

It’s fresh and uncomplicated, ideally served well chilled and a good pair for white fish, chicken or grilled vegetables. Try serving it with a warm lentil, halloumi and clementine salad, this one-pot chicken dish by chef Takashi Miyazaki or chilli, lemon and prawn spaghetti.

Torres Natureo White is available at O’Briens Wine at €7.95.


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