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Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Lanson Black Label NV Champagne
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Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Lanson Black Label NV Champagne

Drinking Champagne just because of random reasons is an absolute pleasure, but sharing it on New Year’s Eve just feels perfect. Have you ever asked yourself why the last day of the year is so closely linked to the world’s most prestigious bubbles?

Since Medieval times, French kings were crowned in Reims and it would be customary for them to spend some time in the Champagne region afterwards. When modern -sparkling- Champagne was invented/discovered in the 17th century, it quickly became an indulgent favourite among the French aristocracy and soon after it was deemed as an aspirational drink by those who looked up to the court’s sophisticated luxury. Hence, for most people it became a drink reserved for special occasions, New Year’s Eve being one of the most universal and popular ones in the book.

Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Lanson Black Label NV ChampagneLanson Black Level NV is just the ideal thing to be holding at 11:59 pm on Dec. 31st. Enter 2017 through the big door by sipping on this elegant brut Champagne, aged for a minimum of three years in the cellar, and loyal to the house’s original style since 1760.

With a vibrant effervescence and small, perky bubbles that unstoppingly rise to your lips, this crisp and elegant Champagne feels classic and celebratory.

Zesty citrus and toast combine as the main characters, along with green apple and a white floral note.

The blend, dominated by Pinot Noir, is made from wines coming from up to ten different vintages and a big effort is put into keeping the freshness and fruitiness of the grapes.

The resulting wine is balanced and mouth-watering, ideal as an aperitif or to fill the glasses just before a toast.

And speaking of toasts, here’s one: Cheers to you! We’ve hope you’ve had a happy Christmas and we wish you a wonderful 2017 full of love, health, happiness and success!

Lanson Black Level NV is available at O’Briens Wines at €29.95 (on offer from €49.95).


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