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Wine Wednesday Pick from O’Briens: Petit Bourgeois Pinot Noir Rose
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Wine Wednesday Pick from O’Briens: Petit Bourgeois Pinot Noir Rose

As rosé wines are painting the town pink, even naysayers that that saw the wine world in red and white are reconsidering and blushing with joy as the rosy shade covers their palates. Rosé enthusiasts are entitled to say their I-told-you-sos, but we prefer to spread the joy and let modern, elegant wine-making speak for itself.

With this in mind, many new rosés have gone the other way around and put themselves on a pedestal, expecting to be the new whites and introducing themselves as our new summer overlords.

Wine Wednesday Pick from O’Briens: Petit Bourgeois Pinot Noir RosePetit Bourgeois Pinot Noir Rose 2015 is for those of us that want approachable, fun, delicious rosé, that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still offers great quality and taste. Its unpretentious label contrasts with its name, a humorous nod to the fact that you don’t need to exaggerate your holiday stories or talk about books you didn’t read to be fun at parties. Just smile and be yourself, as this friendly rosé from the Loire Valley does.

Its bright coral pink colour is proof of the relatively long maceration of its grape’s skins (three days to be precise). Cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks works to keep it refreshing. Aromas of pomegranate and ripe raspberries perfume its light body, and with a conservative (pun intended!)  12% ABV, it has the right strength.

It’s the perfect balance between the ultra-pale minute-macerated rosés we are seeing more and more frequently and the brunch classics that many consider a guilty pleasure.

Recipes to match vary, but it will lovely with pâté to get things started, as well as with chicken or pork dishes. Wanna get hands-on the cooking? Try Warm Chicken Salad with Red Curry Dressing or Crispy Roast Pork Belly.

Petit Bourgeois Pinot Noir Rose 2015 is available at O’Briens at €15.45 and it’s currently part of their range of rosés on offer, so you can buy one and get the second at half price.


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Since then, she has written about and worked in the local food scene, and she’s determined to discover and share the different traditions, flavours and places that have led Irish food and drink to fascinate her.

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