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Wine Wednesday pick from O'Briens: Leyda Pinot Noir Las Brisas 2012
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Wine Wednesday pick from O’Briens: Leyda Pinot Noir Las Brisas 2012

On a day like today, 47 years ago, Apolo XI landed on the Moon. The world watched in awe when six hours later (21th by then) astronaut Neil Armstrong opened the hatch and his small step was deemed a giant leap for mankind.

There is a dessert in Chile called Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) which resembles what NASA found on the Earth’s satellite back in ’69, but fortunately, not all of Chile’s valleys have a lunar landscape, although many winemakers are researching and pushing boundaries with the brilliance of rocket scientists.

Wine Wednesday pick from O'Briens: Leyda Pinot Noir Las Brisas 2012Leyda Pinot Noir Las Brisas 2012 is a fine example of modern, New World, cool climate Pinot Noir. It comes from Chile’s Leyda Valley, within the San Antonio Valley and it’s a privileged spot for growing Burgundy’s capricious diva grape.

This fickle variety reacts well to the southwest orientated slopes of the single-vineyard at Leyda State where it’s planted. Protected from excessive sunlight and able to enjoy a gentle yet constant breeze from the Pacific Ocean (just 12 km away), it ripens slowly allowing flavours to develop gracefully. You really don’t want to rush Pinot Noir.

With 14.5% ABV, it is slightly stronger than its Burgundian namesakes, but the acidity that the grapes retain allows the alcohol to feel balanced. Tannins are naturally coy so winemakers did well by ageing 30% of the wine in first, second and third use French oak barrels for 10 months. This gives the result a little confidence push in the tannin department while the use of steel tanks for the rest preserves the freshness of its fruity aromas and flavours.

Ripe, juicy cherries are the first to show up, followed by a blend of warm, sweet spices and a leafy note. Flavours are long lasting and fresh, this is a red that will benefit from a few minutes in the fridge before serving (14 or 15° will do, we don’t want to over chill it and put those lovely aromas to sleep).

Enjoy it with charcuterie, duck or pork dishes, try our fillet of old spot pig recipe or coq au vin.

Leyda Pinot Noir Las Brisas 2012 is available at O’Briens Wines at €17.95 and it’s currently on offer at €14.95.


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