Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Domaine Naturaliste 2015

Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Domaine Naturaliste 2015

Wine and cute animals tend to be high on the list of things the Internet loves. And even though both -bottles and creatures- coming from Australia have a reputation for being on the though side, the fact is that the exceptions are abundant.

As I recently found out that this Saturday 22nd of October the New World country celebrates World Wombat Day, not only we can praise their beloved yet unofficial mascot of the 2000 Sydney Olympics for its “aw” factor, but we could -and we will- give a nod to a wine coming from a region in which the lovely marsupial is at home.

Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Domaine Naturaliste 2015Domaine Naturaliste 2015 is a Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend from the Margaret River in Western Australia. The winery is the latest venture of award-winning winemaker Bruce Dukes, who has over 24 years of experience and previously worked in California at Francis Ford Coppola’s Niebaum-Coppola winery.

Its appearance is very pale, lemony and clear, and its generous nose is dominated by fresh fruit, mostly on the tropical side. Gooseberry, passion fruit and lemon with a delicate herbaceous quality combine for a very fresh aroma profile of moderate intensity.

On the palate, we see how the blend benefits from the mellow Semillon, as its acidity feels mild for a Sauv Blanc and its medium body balances well with an also moderate ABV of 13%. Flavour wise, nectarine and honeydew melon arrive to the mix, although its citrusy character stays in charge.

The wine, as well as all others from Domaine Naturaliste is made with a sustainable approach. An holistic view of agriculture, respect for the eco-system and the aim to preserve the land for the next generations are among the principles that guide them.

If you’re looking for a food friendly white wine, this one will be up to the challenge and you’ll do well by serving it with chargrilled tiger prawns, root vegetable panzanella salad or Brazilian style chicken salad.

Domaine Naturaliste 2015 is available at O’Briens wines at €18.95.


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