Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Brocard Chablis 2014

Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Brocard Chablis 2014

Chablis is one of the most popular French wines. Always white and always from Chardonnay, it is characteristically crisp, and it offers a remarkably elegant approach to the versatile grape variety. In fact, many people that wouldn’t normally be a fan of Chardo, will confess their love for Chablis.

This year, the region has seen challenging weather conditions that have destroyed a large amount of buds. Flood, frost and hail have seem to have conspired for this and, with a reduced harvest, prices are expected to increase for the 2016 vintage. But let’s cross that bridge when we get there, and this week, let’s talk about a rare sight: a lovely Chablis which is under the €20 mark.

Wine of the Week from O’Briens: Brocard Chablis 2014Brocard Chablis 2014, is a single vineyard Chablis from Domaine Jean-Marc. With a clear, pale, lemon appearance and 12.5% ABV it shows typicity at first sight and it confirms it further along the tasting.

The main character on the nose is citrus fruit, specially ripe lemon, with a quiet hint of mineral aromas that becomes stronger on the palate.

Flavours of white peach and nectarine make its crisp acidity feel mellower while its minerality provides a steely backbone that gives it structure and a pleasant seaside character.

It is moderate both in body and intensity, which gives it quite a wide appeal and makes it extremely food friendly. It has a medium finish and a refreshing quality that clears the palate and makes you want to go for the next sip.

Food pairings? There are plenty of ideas, for example try a garlic and lemon chicken recipe, or chicken with courgettes. For seafood lovers, oysters would be a classic and ideal match, but it would go very well too with a seafood risotto or turbot tapas.

Brocard Chablis 2014, is available at O’Briens Wines and it’s on offer at €16.95, with 32% off its regular price of €24.95. This Chablis represents exceptional value so you might want to stock up!


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