This News Will Float Your Boat – Norwegian Cruise Line Launches Luxury Wine Cruises

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If you’re thinking about splashing out on a luxurious cruise, wine cruises should definitely be top of your wish list.

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced a series of wine cruises to help to find the best flavour for you, with its new “Meet the Wine Maker Cruises”.

Each cruise will feature a big-name winemaker or celebrity ambassador who’ll walk passengers through the basics, while also bringing along special vintages.

The second night of each trip will have open-forum Q&A’s with the vintners, followed by a chance to get specially selected bottles of wine autographed.

One of the main highlights will likely be the intimate dinners, where small groups can dine with the winemakers over a 5-course meal.

Wine Cruises

As of right now, there are five trips on the cards and available for booking, with the first setting sail on September 22nd, with Norwegian Dawn travelling from Boston to Bermuda.

Michael Modavi, one of the biggest names behind California’s Napa Valley vineyards, will join passengers. The other cruises are all round trip escapes from Miami through the Caribbean.

  • November 4th 2017 – Bill Whiting
  • December 2nd 2017 – Aarón Sánchez
  • February 17th 2018 – Gerard Bertrand
  • March 2018 (Date TBC) – Salvatore Ferragamo

Speaking to Travel Pulse, Mark Kansley, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations for Norwegian Cruise Line, said: “Given the incredible reception of Michael Mondavi’s past visits aboard our ships, we are excited to expand upon this concept to provide our guests the opportunity to get up close and personal with renowned experts within the winemaking industry.”

He added: “As we strive to continually enhance our beverage program and onboard offerings, these partnerships represent our ongoing goal to serve as innovators in the cruising industry.”

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