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Aldi's Wine Advent Calendar
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Aldi Releases Wine Advent Calendar and We’re Counting the Days to Get One

Aldi is on a roll, earlier this week the retailer announced their first Processo jeroboam or 3 littre bottle which will be on the shelves for the Christmas season. Now they’re making headlines again thanks to their new wine advent calendar which will hit stores in the UK on November 14th.

Aldi’s wine advent calendar includes 24 mini bottles combining white, red, rosé and sparkling. The still wines are French, while the bubbly comes from Spain and Italy. It was developed in collaboration with brands such as JP Chenet and Calvet it’s priced at £49.99 (€56.67), which works at about £2 (€2.27) per bottle.

The mini bottles, 20 cl each, account for the same amount of wine as six regular bottles would.

Besides a really cool Christmas present, this box offers a great opportunity for wine lovers to taste wines from different regions and varieties without having to source full bottles. Think about it, 24 different wines, we’d be tempted to open everything on day 1!

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