Come Dine with Donald – The Chance to Win Dinner with Donald Trump has Been Announced

Donald Trump

Trump’s fundraising committee has announced a sweepstakes that will give one ‘lucky’ person and their plus one the chance to win dinner Donald Trump.

The prize will see the winner receive round-trip transportation and accommodation in Washington D.C to have dinner in the US President’s company.

Along with these prized tickets to Trump Victory Dinner in Washington on June 28th, which officials say have a retail value is $3,000, the winner is guaranteed the opportunity to have their picture taken with him to capture the eh, memorable, moment.

While the fine print on the sweepstakes website says that “contributing will not improve your chances of winning,” the choice of two entry forms would make you question that, with one form for those wanting to make a donation of any amount, and another those who do not want to contribute.

All donations go to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee.


The winner will be announced June 26th, and while where the dinner is to be hosted is still to be revealed, if it does take place in The White House waiters there will be well-accustomed to catering to Donald’s unique preferences.

The winners can expect a Diet Coke as they take their seats, Thousand Island dressing instead of the creamy vinaigrette for the salad course, and if chicken is served he will be the only one given an extra dish of sauce.

This trend continues into the dessert course when Donald usually gets two scoops of vanilla ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, instead of the single scoop for everyone else.

If guests get a chance to chat to the President Elect they would be well advised to avoid the topic of Russia.

The promotion is open to citizens of the United States, and green card holders who are legal residents in one of the fifty states, Puerto Rico or Columbia only – but those who enter will have to submit to a full background check.

To see the full list of requirements and official rules click HERE.

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