Wicklow Wood pigeon with Black Pudding Recipe by Rock Lobster in Dundrum

This is a very popular winter starter that we do regularly in the restaurant and is super easy at home as it’s a 1 pan wonder!

This dish could easily also be a main and when we do it as one we simply confit down the legs to add some extra body to the dish, add some really buttery potatoes and roast seasonal roots.

Wicklow Wood pigeon with Black Pudding, home smoked pancetta, lentils and watercress

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– 2 whole wood pigeon or 4 breasts
– 200 gr cooked lentils du pue
– 25 grm Smoked pancetta
– 4 one inch slices of good pudding
– Good jus from your pigeon bones or beef jus
– Watercress
– Chervil for garnish
– Drizzle on truffel oil

Cooking Method

Render down your pancetta in pan ( cold pan on medium heat ) wait till it begins to get nice colour
Add your pudding and seal on one side
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As you turn your pudding add you pigeon and caramelise
Again as you turn your pigeon add your lentils and heat
Only cook your pigeon for 2 min on each side on medium heat so it’s a nice Rare
Add your jus and remove pigeon from pan
IMG_0947 (1)
Add knob of butter ( the more the better )
Add your cress to the pan and remove from the heat

Leave your pigeon to rest



At this stage you are ready to plate up your dish.

– Use hot plate or bowl

– Stir the contents of your pan but don’t over wilt your greens

– Place pudding in centre of plate

– Slice your pigeon in two

– Top pudding with pancetta , lentils and wilted cress

– Top with sliced pigeon

– Add pinch of sea salt to pigeon

– Top with Chervil sprigs

– Give very very gentle drizzle of truffle oil


Dig in and enjoy with glass of red


This recipe was created by Rock Lobster
Phone 01 291 0410
Email dundrum@rocklobster.ie

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