Who What Wheat Where – O’Briens and O Brother Launched Collaboration Brew

Who What Wheat Where - O'Briens and O Brother Launched Collaboration Brew

Wheat beers are a very diverse crowd. From the sweet rich German classics to the sharper American versions, it is a category with something for everyone. On this occasion, we tried O Brother Who What Wheat Where, made in collaboration with O’Briens and available exclusively in-store and online while stocks last.

As the “who” and the “where” were just mentioned, let’s focus on the “what”. It is an American style Wheat IPA, made with 50% wheat malt base and an American hop profile (Summit, Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe, Ahtanum and Chinook Hops are the invited hop’s surnames). It is unfiltered and unfined, hence its cloudy appearance, common to the style.


“How” is it, do you ask? Fruity and very tropical, with a soft foamy head and mild but persistent bubbles. Its dijon colour hints of guaraná berries and of a spiciness that’s closer to ginger ale than to anise or cinnamon. It’s medium bodied and has the bready notes that you’d expect from the wheat.

It would make a good pairing with hot dogs or, if you’re looking for a more fulfilling dish, pork chops or bangers and mash.

The “why” is explained by the makers: “we are both teams of incredibly passionate people, doing everything we can do to deliver the very best in Irish craft beer.”

How much? €3.90

When? This summer while stocks last.

For more information visit obrienswine.ie


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