Whiskey Advent Calendar 2
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There’s a Whiskey Advent Calendar and we Can Barley Wait Until December

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And while we’re counting the days already, come December 1st we’ll be able to keep track of them in a more delightful way as there are many boozylicious advent calendars out there: from a Prosecco and sparkling wine calendar, to Aldi’s wines of the world collection, to a very posh gin set. And now we have found out about the crown’s jewel, a whisky advent calendar.

The box, containing 24 30 cl miniature wax-sealed bottles of whiskey, was compiled by drinksbythedram.com and sold via Amazon or Masters of Malt. It combines world whiskeys including Irish, Japanese, American and Scotch. Expect well known names such as Highland Park, Buffalo Trace and Glenfiddich.

Whiskey Advent Calendar 2

The Whiskey Advent Calendar is priced at €173.21 and while we don’t want to spoil the surprise, we can asure you, some bottles are old enough to vote, some could even have a drink in the US.

For a more high-end series of surprises there is also a Premium Whiskey Advent Calendar which will awe you with a 50 year old Scotch and superb single grains. If you are thirsty for something different, there’s the Old and Rare Whiskey Advent Calendar and if you want something to remember forever, there’s a Very Old and Rare Whiskey Advent Calendar which, for €11,551 will offer you a taste of some really unique bottles including a rare Japanese whisky that weighs in at £19,000 a bottle and a 60 year old Scotch.

More information: drinksbythedram.com