“Weight-Loss” Sunglasses Exist and We’re Not Sure What to Think

There are many food and drink trends in the world on any given day, whether it’s kale, fitness trends or funky new ways to lose weight. One of the most bizarre trends, “weight-loss sunglasses“, comes from Japan and it’s not something we’ve heard of before.

Basically, these “weight-loss sunglasses” reportedly help people to lose weight by tinting their food blue.

Apparently, their research found that blue was the least appetising food colour, so wearing these glasses would turn people off their blue-tinted food, thus limiting the amount of calories consumed.


While this is an insane idea, the Japanese definitely can’t be faulted for their creativity. Apart from blueberries, there isn’t a great deal of naturally occurring blue food out there.

Blue food, when not in cake form, tends to look a little bit mouldy, which is why these glasses may work for some squeamish people.

To be honest, we’re better off trying to eat healthy foods without the assistance of sunglasses or any other wacky product if weight loss is the goal, but it does sound a lot less taxing than fad diets like cabbage soup and juice cleanses.

If you’re up for trying this odd trend though, you can pick up a pair of blue sunglasses in any joke shop or even online – let us know how you get on!

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