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Watermelon Gin Slushie Cocktail Recipe from Sugar & Shots
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Watermelon Gin Slushie Cocktail Recipe from Sugar & Shots

The sun has been shining bright in little old Ireland these last few days. Considering all the rain we get, nothing entices me to make a colorful cocktail recipe more than some sunshine! Just imagine sitting outside and sipping on one of these. Pure bliss.

One of our favourite restaurants in Galway has a fantastic gin slushie and I thought to myself, I could make something like this at home? Thus, the watermelon slushie was born!

There are a couple different ways to make this but this is by far the easiest. I use Watermelon Rubicon in this recipe. If you can’t find this you can substitute it with some watermelon juice and a little simple syrup to sweeten.


1 measure of gin
Handful of ice
1 cup watermelon rubicon
Lemon juice, to taste. I used the juice of half a lemon
Wedge of lime to garnish


1. Place your ice, watermelon and lemon juice into the blender.
2. Now blitz until the ice is completely crushed. Depending on the consistency you want, blend for longer or less time.
3. Blend it until the ice is completely crushed and then add the gin and give it a couple extra whirls. You should now have a beautifully blended, pink gin cocktail.
4. All that’s left is to pour it into your glass of choice and add a wedge of lime to garnish.

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