A New Airline Is Set To Take Off From Waterford Airport This Summer

Calling all travel lovers from the southeast. It’s time to pack your bags and head to Waterford as a new airline is set to take off from Waterford Airport this summer, with three new services to the UK on the menu.

Aer Southeast is an Irish aviation start-up run by SkyTruckers Ltd. A statement from the airport refers to SkyTruckers as a company with “very considerable experience in regional aviation and the backing of Irish and Scandinavian investors”.

A total of 12 flights per week will be operated from Waterford Airport, with 6 flights heading to London Luton, and 3 flights will depart for Manchester and Birmingham per week.

According to the Irish Independent, this is the first time that Waterford Airport has operated a scheduled commercial flight in more than 13 months.

While they haven’t been operating commercial flights, Waterford Airport services a number of corporate jets, leisure flying and flight training. The airport is also home to the Coast Guard’s Search and Rescue Helicopter (Rescue 117) base.

Speaking about this exciting news for the southern county, Waterford Airport CEO Desmond O’Flynn commented: “We look forward to working closely with SkyTruckers as once again regular and sustainable air links to key cities in the UK are operated over the coming months and years.”

Waterford Airport

Flight prices start at €79 one way and will begin from Monday, July 24th. Bookings for the Luton flights can be made from the airport’s website, flywaterford.com and aersoutheast.com.

Bookings for Manchester and Birmingham will be available shortly.

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