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Watch: ‘What Are You Eating?’ Returns to Our Screens Next Week

Mass production, refrigeration and food technology have transformed the way we source and store ingredients. This means the majority of food we purchase in supermarkets has been processed, which has implications beyond just packaging. Many processed products will have added flavourings, stabilisers and colours menaing you have to consider the question – do you know what you’re eating?

After a hugely popular first series, ‘What Are You Eating?’ will return to RTE One next week with host Philip Boucher-Hayes on Wednesday, March 1st at 8.30pm. The first series saw Philip explore World Health Organisation guidelines on processed meat consumption, road testing the Paleo diet, investigate processed dairy products and the decline in popularity of the humble potato.

Boucher-Hayes also teamed up with chef Hilary O’Hagan to dig deeper into the increased consumption of processed food and explore more natural, home prepared alternatives. Series two of ‘What Are You Eating?’ will see Philip embark on a ‘clean-eating’ journey – giving us an insight into the #FitFam methods and mentality cropping up on everyone’s Instagram feed on a daily basis.

Click below for a sneak peek at the new series ahead of next Wednesday and to get a flavour of what is in store.

For more information and recipes from the last series of ‘What Are You Eating?’ click here.

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