Watch: Catherine Fulvio's Tastes Like Home TV series Starts this Friday
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Watch: Catherine Fulvio’s Tastes Like Home TV series Starts this Friday

Catherine Fulvio’s Tastes Like Home is a new and exciting food & travel TV series, which will run over six episodes starting Friday 18th November on RTE1 at 7.30pm.

‘Tastes like Home’, sponsored by Londis, will see Catherine Fulvio visit families across Ireland who teach her how to make their favourite family dish, before travelling to locations around the world to recreate these ‘tastes of home’ for family members now living abroad.

Catherine met the Irish diaspora in Europe, America and The Middle East whilst bringing a sprinkling of enthusiasm and a large dollop of expertise to this travel cookery show. Tastes like Home is more than a food show with a dash of travel, this is a format that will strike a chord with every Irish family as it takes you on a whistle-stop tour of six Irish families and their loved one’s home away from home.

“With such a vast Irish diaspora and food evoking such strong connections with place and memory, it will make for exciting viewing. Catherine will bring these new foodie adventures to the table along with her usual sprinkling of enthusiasm and a large dollop of expertise.” says Brian Walsh from RTE.

catherine fulvio tastes like home

In the first episode of Catherine Fulvio’s Tastes Like Home, she visits sisters Linda Kennedy and Fiona Kennedy, Linda is based in Dublin and her sister is living in San Sebastián and their taste of home was Fish Pie. During the show Catherine will visit San Sebastian’s foodie corners and explore some of the best pintxos bars in the city, enjoying the delicious snacks along the way before she heads to Fiona Kennedy’s home away from home to recreate a very special fish pie!

“It’s funny how a recipe represents a family, a place and a time, a tradition is simply a sense of togetherness,” she says.

Tastes Like Home Promo


Sneak peak of Episode One