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Warming Stew Recipes for your Cosy Cooking this Winter Season

Picture this… you just got home from a long day at work. It’s chucking it down, your raincoat is drenched, you’re shivering, and your tummy is rumbling. All you want is something that’ll defrost you, like the food equivalent of a steaming hot bath. Enter the cosy, comforting stew. You made it last night and you are ever-so thankful for your past self. One bowl will warm you right up – sounds like a dream.

The cold tends to last quite a while in Ireland, and it can hit us quite hard (see above), so it gives us the perfect excuse to batch cook winter warmer recipes – stews, soups and everything in between. Cosy cooking is the way to go when it’s chilly out – what more could you want than a pot of comfort? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite cosy cooking stew recipes, and each one is like a hug in a bowl.

If you prefer to choose your own adventure when it comes to making stew, you might find this cosy cooking guide and this stew guide helpful.

Cosy Cooking Recipes

Mark Moriarty’s Irish Beef Stew Autumn Recipe with M&S

Moroccan Beef Stew Recipe by Madeleine Shaw

Irish Stew Recipe by Executive Head Chef Noel McMeel at Lough Erne Resort

Traditional Irish Stew Recipe from Napper Tandy’s

Traditional Irish Stew Recipe from Napper Tandy’s

Sweet Potato and Butter Bean Stew Recipe by Holly White

Sweet potato and butterbean stew

Beef Stew Recipe From The Little Swedish Kitchen By Rachel Khoo

Pepper, Potato and Chard Stew Recipe by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Pepper, Potato and Chard Stew Recipe

Chorizo & Cannellini Bean Stew Recipe with Chilli Bread by Lynda Booth

Cannellini beans stew recipe 1

Turkey Stew, Sweet Leek & Smoky Bacon Biscuit Dumplings Recipe by Jamie Oliver

Venison Stew Recipe by Darina Coffey

Spanish Chickpea & Spinach Stew Recipe by Tasty Mediterraneo

Irish Lamb Stew Recipe by Oliver McCabe

Irish lamb stew image by Oliver McCabe

Nikujaga Beef & Potato Stew Recipe by Fiona Uyema (with a wine pairing)

beef potato stew Fiona Uyema

Slow Cooked Beef & Stout Stew Recipe by Anna Jane Kingston

Long and Slow Oxtail Stew Recipe by Chef Adrian Martin

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