2019 Adventure
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Get Planning – It’s Never Too Early to Fuel Your Wanderlust And Plan Your 2019 Adventure

Get ready to be inspired because Travel Department has launched its exciting and extensive programme of holidays for 2019.

According to new data, Irish people are becoming more adventurous, with a 22% increase in long-haul travel and solo travel. Some of 2018’s most popular destinations included China, India, South Africa and Vietnam.

While still popular, Travel Department has added a new Volga River cruise for 2019, which is sure to attract a myriad of Irish travellers.

Due to an increase in demand for long-haul destinations, the company has introduced a new long-haul extension service, which gives people the opportunity to add a few days onto their guided tour.

Long-haul extensions are on an individual basis rather than as part of a group and include a choice of either built-in or completely tailor-made extensions.

So now you can extend your holiday with a short stay in another country on the way home. Customers travelling on selected dates on Travel Department’s Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai; Beijing and the Great Wall of China, and the Splendours of India tours have the option of a 3-night extension in Dubai.

There is an addition of a 3-night extension to Toronto on the Highlights of Cuba tour; stunning Jordan and the Holy Land now has the option of 3 independent nights in Istanbul, and Highlights of Vietnam has a 3-night Cambodia extension option.

Long-haul holidaymakers can also avail of Travel Department’s new ‘tailor-made’ extension service. Travellers who may have a specific destination that they would like to visit either at the beginning or the end of their worldwide tour can have their flights, transfers and hotels arranged by Travel Department.

This gives people the flexibility to add some independent travel whilst also enjoying the many benefits of guided group tours.

Sara Zimmerman, CEO of Travel Department commented on the plans for 2019, saying: “We are thrilled to expand our long-haul offering for 2019 in response to the ever-increasing popularity of these types of holidays among Irish customers.”

She added: “The addition of our built-in and tailor-made extensions will enable travellers to see even more of the world in 2019 with Travel Department. We’re looking forward to another exciting year ahead.”

For more information about the holidays on offer for 2019, visit traveldepartment.ie.

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