Walsh Whiskey Introduces the World's First Organic Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
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Walsh Whiskey Introduces the World’s First Organic Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Walsh Whiskey Distillery has taken the first steps into the production of what is expected to be the world’s first organic single pot still Irish whiskey. The distillery secured certification from the Organic Trust this month and has started the distillation of an organic mash of malted and unmalted barely. They’ve introduced the innovation in a statement

The new make spirit is expected to be released under the Writer’s Tears label from 2023. The whiskey will be triple distilled in the distillery’s three copper pot stills and then matured in a combination of both first fill bourbon barrels and virgin oak barrels for a minimum of 5 years.

Bernard Walsh, Founder and Managing Director at Walsh Whiskey Distillery commented on the decision to produce an organic single pot still Irish whiskey: “With both the pot and column stills allied to the capacity available to us here at Royal Oak, as well as the strength of our brands, we aim to be leaders in the development of and innovation within the Irish whiskey category – and this is one expression of that goal.”

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He added that single pot still is the quintessential style of Irish whiskey and that he expects to “create what will be a unique new super-premium whiskey for whiskey enthusiasts to savour.”

Lisa Ryan, Distillery Manager, added: : “This Organic Single Pot Still reflects our commitment to the highest quality ingredients and innovation in our development of the full range of Irish whiskeys – pot still, malt, grain and blended.”

They expressed their excitement for the long term potential of organic whiskey, both for its quality and sustainability.

More information: walshwhiskey.com

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